Sunday, March 30, 2008

~* Meiji, Meiji, Meiji *~

I did not really go out with anyone these two days. Sad! I am upset about it! After i came back from "paying visits" to my grandpa, his parents, and also my grandma's (my grandma is still alive) mum in the afternoon, i was so tired. Still, i insisted to go out, even though the sky was so dark, than staying at home since i did not have fun at all these two days. I went out with another purpose too, which was getting a present for the kid whom my mum is taking care off. The big day is just the day after tomorrow :D (See what date is that)

I got for him a car with a remote control. It is nicely wrapped by the Isetan staff. Then, Isetan is having the Okashi fair where there are a lot of Japanese snacks, especially Meiji. Of course, i don't miss my chance there. However, what i bought is not for me at all! :(

For the kid

For his brother and sister

And this is for my dear, of course...

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