Sunday, March 16, 2008

*~ iPod Touch ~*

Oh my goodness, i really love the iPod Touch. Now, there is even one with 32 GB! Since in Singapore it costs RM 1950, it might cost around RM 2200 here. Last time, i had this thought that the space is one disadvantage, but now price is the issue. The price for a 32GB iPod Touch is equivalent to the price of a laptop.

Oh ya.... Engraving is free in Singapore. I am not sure if Malaysia has the service here. If i happen to have an iPod Touch and there is this engraving service, i will engrave "Michelle's" on top of the iPod logo, which becomes "Michelle's iPod".
Sigh... but i think i dream too early to have one... I'm glad enough even when i can get a 8GB iPod Touch

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