Sunday, March 9, 2008

~* Refreshing the Memories *~

This is my fifth blog and i try to post differently than what i did to my previous blogs. I would like to start off by posting some pictures i like from year 2007 up to February 2008.

Dinner ar Madam Kwan's on Valentine's Day

My niece and I during Chinese New Year. Owh~ she is adorable.

Sitting outside the fitting room waiting for GIDEON to decide whether he wanted to buy the shirt or not.

I had my haircut at Hair Index; GIDEON had his haircut at Miko. We were at Berjaya Times Square!

Me and Amanda at the P24 Dance Marathon.

Me, Kenny Sia and Karen.

Christmas party at Siu Fai's house.

GIDEON's birthday at Bakerzin

A SINGLE scoop of Lecka-lecka gelato ice-cream from Sogo. So worth it!

A photo with my "daughter" (Pui Ling).

One fine day at Sushi King (Mid Valley) after classes had finished.

GIDEON YOONG always wants me to meet new people especially knowing people around him.
Me, GIDEON, Angeline, Alyssa and Daniel

Fooling around with Gorgan's laptop bag.

Baking session at Gorgan's house

A surprise from GIDEON after i have finished my work when i was having my temporary position during semester break.

A Christmas gift for GIDEON in 2006. Oops... Although this picture was taken in 2006, i still love this a lot! I made it all by mysefl!

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