Wednesday, March 12, 2008

~* What does it prove? *~

This dude here scored 21 A's in his Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM), and i don't know what he is trying to prove. Then, in the news also, it is mentioned that "one student each took 19 and 18 subjects respectively, two took 17 and 10 took 16 subjects". Okay, i can see that the one taking 19 and 18 subjects were attempting hard to break the previous record of 17 A's. Good try.

Honestly, i don't prefer these people. I remember once my high school teacher told us that SPM is an open paper because of its ability to help people who are poor in studies. These people can choose at least six subjects according to their own ability. And, SPM has no intention to help people to get on the newspaper's front page! I will feel so glad and happy for those who score full A's though they are only taking six subjects.

Yes, i do admit that at least it will help in publicity and guarantee you with scholarshipS, better university and bla bla bla.... However, when it comes to working life (any life which is totally out of the academic world), you don't know how to carry yourself well, you are still like anybody else who score any number of A's.

The most common example is during the interview session when applying for a position in a firm. You score like milions of A's, but you don't have leadership and you can't communicate well, in the end, you are still going to fail in your interview. End of story.

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Jerry-lyn said...

Very true you know on what you said about those 'people'... Basically when I was talking to my friend about this dude. I somehow realize that both his parents were Teachers. Well , you may think that there is no link between this dude and Amalina. But if you examine closely Amalina's mother is also a teacher ! aka government servant.

If they are trying to cover the "shyte" Amalina had created in England they should have at least think of something better. Besides, all the subjects this fella took was mostly his religious subject. If he cannot actually score an A for it ... He is better off dead !..(sekolah agama student).

His picture was on front page ! while the other guy who score straight a's in STPM was on page 3 or six if i'm not mistaken. If you weight upon it. Don't you think the one where his dad is only a hawker and mom not in a not so healthy condition and a person with straight A's STPM results deserves to obtain a full scholarship and a front page cover ?Oh well... At least I'm happy he's going to Singapore.

This fella (21 a's) won't last long !He don't even know how to answer his interview properly. Worst of all he don't even look like a "briliant guy"...

I think I better stop right here. The more I type the nore rage I'm having in ne. But I think this guy is a whole lot of bs.haha