Sunday, November 22, 2009

~* New Love On Food *~

I had been bringing my love out these two days. On Saturday, we went to have pan mee with boyfriend at SSL Wangsa Maju.

I tested my new love by taking pictures of fried dumplings and...

...Loh Pan Mee (Pan mee in thick soup).
Unlike loh mee, it used pan mee rather than the thick alkaline noodles.

Then today, i brought my new love out to Mid Valley for groceries shopping with mum.

I told mum about the newly-opened Oyster King which is exactly next to Ko Hyang (or right in front of Din Tai Fung) at The Gardens.

The set that we ordered came with a drink,..

...pumpkin cake which tasted like yam cake and,..

...fried oyster! RM9.80 nett!

If you were looking for starchy fried oyster like the one in Penang, this would be the right place.

Hopefully boyfriend does not get crazy looking at the fried oyster.

My new love just makes the food looks tastier!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

*~ My New Love ~*

Oh my God. I know you hate me but please don't hate me even more if i have the same camera as you.

Anyway, after dumping my ex, i have just found my new love.

Panasonic Lumix LX3. My end-of-the-year bonus.

Opportunity cost of this: Ipod Touch or Lenovo S10.

Actually, i wanted to buy a Canon Ixus camera. But boyfriend's dad recommended me to get this instead since the price difference is small. And i did play around with his dad's LX3 before. Clear, stable and easy to focus. Definitely better than the Nikon i used to have. Like Gorgan said, "It's half of a DSLR camera!"

I like to take close-up pictures especially when it comes to food. The micro mode of this camera is very awesome. Love it to the max.

The pau that my mum was so excited to tell me on Sunday morning when i woke up.

Monday, November 16, 2009

~* This Time, It's A Green Ticket *~

But too bad, i did not manage to find the red ticket. Otherwise, i could redeem something special from Yahoo! during the finale party.

Knowing how, where and when to find the ticket since after i found the blue one, finding the green one was totally a piece of cake.

Okay, with my discovery of the green ticket, this means i will be heading to Cap Square on the 25th of November after work.

But how am i going home late at night? Boyfriend is not free because he will be busy with his exam. Hmm...

Sunday, November 15, 2009

*~ If I Could Have The 3 Gadgets Altogether ~*

If you remember the post that i found my blue ticket, i actually won 2 movie passes to watch 2012. Pui Yen accompanied me to Zouk to collect the passes. I did not manage to get my purple ticket. But what's the use if i got the purple ticket. No one is free to accompany me to the Yahoo! finale party. I also got two necklaces which i think are nice. I love the purple envelope too.

Then, we went back to Pavilion to have lunch at Little Ben. The food there is quite affordable. Pui Yen and i ordered the set lunch of the day, I-Chi-Ban Chicken Rice at RM9.90 nett.

I don't know why but i think this is cute!

The set lunch came with a cup of lemongrass drink and apple. The lemongrass drink was totally not our type. We did not really drink it.

But the main dish was very nice. The skin of the fried chicken was sooo crispy and actually the chicken was big, okay. Just that the angle of this picture makes it small. Then, the braised egg and beancurd were flavourful. I also love the minced chicken sauce to be eaten with the rice.

Besides having tea time at two places (Yes, she wanted to eat the glutinous rice balls with soya milk after having a glass of Milo Ais.), we also walked around to search for the best deal for the Lumix LX3 i want. There is one shop at Low Yat which really gives me a very good deal. Hopefully i will be getting it soon.

I told my mum how much is the initial price of the camera, how good is the deal offered to me, and also how much i need to pay after take into the consideration the proceed from the sale of the old camera. She does not really agree that i get the camera because the price is equivalent to the cheapest Lenovo laptop.

But i want the camera so much because i have the interest to snap pictures of what's going on around me. Besides my childhood, i don't really have many pictures especially during my secondary school time. It's like part of my life is missing. I don't want that to continue to happen. I want to have 'records' of what had taken place in my life especially with people i treasure the most.

Perhaps mum should ask me to choose between an Ipod Touch and the Lenovo laptop. Yes, i am planning to buy an Ipod Touch since my music player could not be used anymore. And with the Ipod Touch, i can use it as an electronic organizer besides surfing the net. But why a laptop? Because the desktop at home can't really function well when it comes to loading pages. Oh well, but still i can tolerate with the desktop. So how? Suggestions, please!!!!!

Whatever it is, camera comes first! The rest will be planned after i start to work. It can be planned in advance if i can get some 'sponsorships' as soon as possible. Thank you!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

~* It Ended As Worst As It Could (Edited) *~

Did you ever cry in the middle of the exam? I did. Just today. I was seriously stressed up because of one paper on both Monday and Wednesday and another two papers today. Yes, two papers for today. I worked very hard and put all my efforts in it. Once, i stayed in the library until it closed. I woke up in the middle of the night to study, as in 2 a.m. and 4.a.m.

Today is the day i sat for 2 papers. I was really nervous when i was doing the second paper. My hands were really shaking and i could not write. My heart was beating so fast that i had to breathe very hard. I told myself to calm down. But the time did not allow me to do that. The clock was ticking real fast. My mind was completely blank or should i say blocked? Because i could not feel that the flow of ideas at all!

Then, i realised that i would be failing in this paper. I could not do the questions and my mind was really 'heavy'! I could not think! I was so devastated feeling that after all the efforts i have put in, i would deserve nothing. The next thing i realised was tears on my answer booklet. I forced myself to think, i forced myself to do, and i cried at the same time.

My lecturer knew that. He came to my desk and gave me a thread to tie my two answer booklets. But i already had one. Perhaps he did not know how to console me; thus, he just simply came and talk anything to me.

After the exam had ended, it was time to release everything. I no longer had the need to hold my tears so badly.
Bad news. Bad news. Bad news. I had a dream last night on John Stanley Murugesu, my lecturer for the the subject that i am going to fail terribly. He told me that i did very badly for my paper. The next moment i knew, i was in his class. This is really so not fun!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

*~ Going Back To Where I First Started ~*

I had my Gloria Jean's Cookies & Cream today; meanwhile boyfriend had Cocoa Loco using our buy-one-free-one voucher we got from Digi D'Ultimate Birthday Bash. We still have another one to go.

Then we attended Eugene's graduation concert at Pooi Leng Kindergarten, Jalan Imbi. It used to be the kindergarten i attended as well. The same went to Eugene's siblings, my own brother and cousins, my neighbours' children and then their grandchildren. Imagine that the graduation concert was the 47th one!

Attending his graduation concert was like attending my own son's concert.

Look at the kid behind us. He's Eugene's classmate.

Then, he came over with the body language, "I want to take picture too!"

"Yeong Seng. Tan Yeong Seng. My name is Tan Yeong Seng," that was what he told me after snapping the picture.

Mum with Eugene.

Mum with the three siblings. Vin Shen, Yuin Nee and Eugene. Mum used to take care the three of them. Look at the eldest one. Mum first took care of him when he was few months old and now he is already 14!


It is sunny. It is windy. It is cloudy. It is raining. There's the sun. There's the storm. It's Superman! All these are how i feel today. My mood is like the weather, a very bad one. I am having a major mood swing due to all the stress and premenstrual syndromes. I laughed but i could not feel the happiness. I laughed but i could not feel that i was fully releasing the laughter. I asked questions. But i did not get the answers that i really wanted to hear. I am terribly disappointed.

Friday, November 6, 2009

~* I've Found My Blue Ticket *~

The ticket is actually very easy to be found. I am just too slow at it. I should have continued searching for the red ticket previously. Perhaps, i might even have two tickets by now. Nothing much about the prize (and in order to redeem for the prize, i have to go early since it is on first-come, first-serve basis) but it seriously makes me addicted looking for the tickets up and down, left and right. But if you happen to find the purple ticket at the on ground events or get it through the lucky dip, you may be in the run to win fabulous prizes such as the Ipod Touch, Blackberry and Macbook Air.

Alright. Back to Study.