Saturday, November 7, 2009

*~ Going Back To Where I First Started ~*

I had my Gloria Jean's Cookies & Cream today; meanwhile boyfriend had Cocoa Loco using our buy-one-free-one voucher we got from Digi D'Ultimate Birthday Bash. We still have another one to go.

Then we attended Eugene's graduation concert at Pooi Leng Kindergarten, Jalan Imbi. It used to be the kindergarten i attended as well. The same went to Eugene's siblings, my own brother and cousins, my neighbours' children and then their grandchildren. Imagine that the graduation concert was the 47th one!

Attending his graduation concert was like attending my own son's concert.

Look at the kid behind us. He's Eugene's classmate.

Then, he came over with the body language, "I want to take picture too!"

"Yeong Seng. Tan Yeong Seng. My name is Tan Yeong Seng," that was what he told me after snapping the picture.

Mum with Eugene.

Mum with the three siblings. Vin Shen, Yuin Nee and Eugene. Mum used to take care the three of them. Look at the eldest one. Mum first took care of him when he was few months old and now he is already 14!


It is sunny. It is windy. It is cloudy. It is raining. There's the sun. There's the storm. It's Superman! All these are how i feel today. My mood is like the weather, a very bad one. I am having a major mood swing due to all the stress and premenstrual syndromes. I laughed but i could not feel the happiness. I laughed but i could not feel that i was fully releasing the laughter. I asked questions. But i did not get the answers that i really wanted to hear. I am terribly disappointed.

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