Sunday, April 27, 2008

~* Summary of My First Week *~

A week has passed since after the final exam, but it seems like i have been on holidays for a long time. Let me summarized what happened for the past one week.

  • Celebrated Fira's birthday.
  • Quitted a job after two days.
  • Visited Monash and tried Wendy's.
  • Attended another job interview at a legal firm (Going to start working on Monday).
  • Tried the salad prepared by Gideon.
  • Had a f.ulgy haircut.
  • Watched CJ7, Shrek 3 and part of Waterhorse with Gideon at his house.
  • Together, we bathed Puffy, the dog.
  • Went to the night market at Taman Midah.

Yes, this is Puffy which will hide because of the thunder.

And today, i am going to just rest at home watching few episodes of Ghost Whisperer: Season 2 which Gideon gave me. At the same time, i want to finish up the cherry tomatoes in the fridge. The fact is tomato is very good as an antitoxidant because it contains lycopene. Also, it can minimize the damage due to sunburn besides providing you with other nutrients.

Friday, April 25, 2008

*~ F.ugly Me ~*

Alert: For the next few months, there will be no pictures on me because the recent haircut is f.ugly. Also, there will be less pictures on good food as well. Don't ask why. Just stay on with my blog though it is going to be a lot of words than pictures. Thank you.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

~* My Unsettled Temporary Working Life *~

Gideon went to Monash University College this morning to survey about the environment and the courses offered and i accompanied him. I will not deny that environment there is alright except for the damn fee which is twice of mine and the freaking high cost of studing there. Oh ya... i met Wei Sam and he knows the bitch. Wei Sam was from MBS last time and both of us know about each other's existence. It just that we never met before this.Besides, i met Hannah as well and she is my cousin whom i seldom meet.

Of course, since Sunway Pyramid is so near, it is our next destination. We headed to Wendy's for lunch and it was just very normal like McDonald's which i won't fancy about it the next time. Never mind... The bitch paid for the lunch so i should not complain so much. Instead, thank you, bitch!

Bitch and Gideon just kept on talking about their high school and i just listened. They mentioned about Xia Xue too and Gideon actually praised her. I'm wondering if he ever praised me in front of others before? -_-"

Almost one hour right before the movie started, the bitch and Gideon decided to have their haircut and i had to wait for them. Two guys had a girl waiting for them. Fortunately, there was free wifi in Sunway Pyramid and i spent the time waiting for them by surfing the net. I also thought for having my haircut but it was just that less than one hour was not enough for me. Imagine when both of them finished cutting their hair, it was already two and the movie was about to start in ten minutes time. The moment we entered the cinema, the movie had just started. Lucky~

By the way, we watch Forbidden Kingdom and for me, it was not really a good movie. Both Jacky Chan and Jet Li were lame besides i could see that Jet Li is getting really old. It was quite irritating listening to the way Jet Li spoke in the movie.

After the movie, it was already four in the evening and i had to attend an interview at a legal firm in Bangsar. It was due to the recommendation from the kid's, whom my mum is taking care of, mum. There, i waited for an hour before the interview started. The whole process was quite smooth and i am going to start with it next week.

I am afraid that i can't pick up things fast enough as i am inexperience, and if i do something wrong, i am going to embarrass the one who recommended me this position. Thank God, it seems like they are desperate for someone to fill in the position and they don't mind to teach someone like me from the beginning.

You must be wondering what had happened to my previous position? I quitted after two days. It happened for the first time. It was really my first time after so many employments. I was feeling very uneasy there even on my very first moment when i stepped in. Sigh~ i am lazy to explain about the reasons anymore. I did not bother to just leave because my pay was hourly basis and i was just a temporary girl there. Afterall, it was just two days and i finished my work before i left.

The HR Manager also did not mind that i left because i told her honestly about my situation. It seemed that she understood and i hoped she did. My agent was trying to change my mind but she had failed as i stayed with my decision to leave that company. I did not have to care about what she said because the HR Manager was also fine with my decision.

By the way, i have to thank Gideon for waiting inside the car until my interview was hour which took one hour of waiting time and roughly fifteen minutes of real interview. So, it was even between us for yesterday as i waited for him to finish cutting his hair and he waited for me until the end of the interview.

When i reached home, i realised he used my phone to take pictures of himself. -_-"

Sunday, April 20, 2008

*~ A Long Day ~*

I had my last paper yesterday which was Macroeconomics and it was the paper i dislike the most for the entire semester. However, it was not that bad compared to Business Law paper. The worst paper of all. Like Sharon said, "There is hope for the first two papers but not the last two". Yesh~ and the last two papers were Business Law and Macroeconomics. Well, at least we have come to the end of the final semester and unofficially ended our first year! Eerr... it will only end officially when we know our results.

Okay. So after the paper ended, Sharon, Gideon and I headed to Chili's at Bangsar Shopping Complex to celebrate the end of exam Fira's birthday to her other friends. By the way, Susan was there as well.

And this was what i had... The Lamb Shoulder! Thank God that after this good meal i will work and not going to be so broke. Hmm~ this meal was to reward myself because of the exam. For the past one week, whatever i ate made me feeling fulled, but i was not satisfied because there was always lacked of something in the taste. It did not give me the feeling or taste like "HMM~ IT IS DELICIOUS!". May be it was because the stress i faced, my appetite also got worse. Like what the Chinese say, "Sik Lung Yuk Dou Mou Mei Laaaaa....".

Okay, Gideon had this....

Have a closer look here.... I forgot what this called but it was simply so delicious. Take a look at the slice of cheese~ and pieces of chicken~ So yummy~

Oh well, we were at Chili's for a long time and kept talking, talking and talking, and eating, eating and eating. Susan mentioned about her design for the presentation on Love Hotel and i questioned her whether if she included the idea of providing condoms in each room since her Love Hotel is to encourage people to have sex. Then, we also chatted about her working experience at the Cineleisure cineplex. It was so unbelievable when she told us how bad was the management though the cineplex looks good apparently.

What she told us:

1. The management will increase the price for the movie to the maximum if the movie is real good for the first one or two weeks of screening. You want to use student card? Then the staffs there will tell you that the movie has changed and become is a blockbuster movie.
2. The best hall is only Hall 6.
3. A friend of her got framed by the management. This friend, who was a cashier, was absent for a day and when she came back to work, the management told her that someone had used her I.D. to withdraw couples of thousands. She had no chance to defend herself by proving that she was absent on the day that incident happened, as the management immediately asked the cops to take her back to the station and she was put in the lockup. But, she did not have her card punched! The parents of this girl were so freaked out that they just paid the amount of money that lost although it was not the girl's fault at all. After that, the case was dropped instantly and not a single thing was spoken at all. But in the girl's life, she is going to have a criminal record innocently. Sigh~

Okay okay.... We finally left the place at 4 something. I supposed to go home and sleep, but my mum and aunt were at Mid Valley. I was in the dilemma in choosing home or Mid Valley. In the end, i had chosen Mid Valley and it was good for Gideon also who gave me a lift as it was nearer for him to go home from there.

When i went to Carrefour, a promoter gave me to taste rice porridge for babies from Nestle. The one i tasted was chicken flavour. At first, it was tasteless, but then i realised it was not bad after all. I could not believe my mum asked the promoter the reason i was given the porridge to try because the it was for babies above eight months. I told my mum that i am above 8 months... Way above.... Besides the chicken, there are two other flavours which are salmon and vegetable. Baby food is not too bad, by the way.

When i reached home from Bangsar, where my aunt is staying, i could not stand it any longer. I bathed, i changed and i slept like Gideon like a pig.

Monday, April 14, 2008

~* Silence Is Not Golden Always *~

Regarding to the previous post, i am very sure that N had read before but too bad N reacted nothing to it. At least i hope that N would say something. Or else, i really do not know what is N thinking. N did not even reply me anything at anywhere but when E said something, N replied. To me? Nothing to be said. Where is N standing? Situation is extremely not favourable to me! Very one-sided. Fuck...! I got bullied and none, especially N, said something. Yea la yea la... I am forever the bad one compared to other people around N. And E will forever do whatever E wants and continue to hurt me. Then, N will just let me try to get numb of it regardless whether i am hurt or not. Die la.. let me die la then... I know, i know that i should complain lesser but i just hope that N will try to comfort me.

Exam status: 1 down, 3 to go

Sunday, April 13, 2008

~* Just Get Over It *~

I don't understand why E never knows the limit. E should know who E is and the stupidest person with THAT kind of status won't do that. Hey, i am not invinsible here and i have my own pride. By looking at what E has done, E is like "trespassing my territory" or going over the limit.

When the first time it happened, N also thought that what E had done was wrong too and told me that N would tell E's friend to hint on it. But nothing was done and i just got over it. And hey, E just did it again recently. I respect N and that's why i never confront E by myself since both of them are still meeting each other every week in a group. However, seriously, E is really over the limit with THAT status. If it is not because of N, i won't give E a damn.

Sigh~ what N scolded me is right that now is not the right time to talk about it and we have been close for a long period. But when i woke up, i kept on wondering if now is not the right time to talk about it or find a solution for it, then will next time will be the right time? I bet everytime is not going to be a right time at all in the future because it is always difficult to talk to someone else about the problem related to the someone else. I understand that. Also, it is because of N will have been forgotten about it. I understand and i am just wondering about it. I don't hope to get any feedback regarding this.

But, when it comes to me, again, i won't be given a damn talking about the problem related to me, just like how i was being scolded. And, instead of E's fault or at least E is partially liable for the fault, i was scolded as if it is really my own damn fault and has nothing to do with someone else! Like i create the trouble out of nowhere and it is just like digging my own grave. How sad... :( I got bullied here first, okay?

So, whenever i am facing the same or similar situations, i have to close one eye because i realise nothing will be done and when anything happens, i will get the blame first.

May be after posting this, i will be feeling better, forget about it for once more, and try to be generous and open-minded to it, so i won't be said or assumed that i am digging my own grave again. Let's observe when is the next time the same thing will be happening and i might be having the same thing here or might not be. God knows the power the blogging. By the way, in any matter, everytime i am the one who get blamed first and not others and it is forever my fault first.

Phew~ after this post, my heart just gets back the peace. Since nothing can be done or this problem can't be solve by discussing or confronting or sharing, thus here is the right place to let go the unsolved burden.

Seriously, i never blame N in this case. I just don't get what E wants. And because of E, i got scolded and E was just alright. A very one-sided thing. I am the one being not protected here when i am supposed to. E gets better and i get the worse. Because of what people do, i get the blame.

Friday, April 11, 2008

*~ Leading A Misery Life ~*

Dear Bloggie,

Life has been very difficult recently and i really don't know for how long i can stay. I have used all the patience i have to deal with this misery life of mine hoping everything will be fine soon. For now, every single aspect of my life is extremely terrible. Too many things are playing in my mind right now and they are really affecting me negatively. People around me always come and go, thus i am questioning who will always stand by my side. Yes, i do not deny that family members are always there for you, but they don't know as much as my friends know and sometimes, i just don't want them to worry so much.

I have been very tough even since during my childhood and it is not my choice to be tough, but the situations that i have gone through shape me to be like this. Yes, i do not deny that it is good to be tough so that i can learn how to face challenges and be independent. However, being tough always really makes me feel very tired. Thank God, until this moment, i still know how to be grateful that even though my life is tough, there are people whose life is even tougher than mine.

Who never think of ending their life before? Everyone does. So do i. But, i am just a coward who don't dare to do that. When i regain my consciousness everytime after i have that thought, i scold myself for thinking like that. I am too selfish to just end my life in a snap. How about people around me? It seems like my problems are solved by suiciding but actually, it creates more problems to people around me. Thank God, until this moment, i still know how to be grateful that my mum gave birth to me in a complete and good condition, and provides me with good standard of living, as i can observe there are people who are less fortunate than me.

Finally, i am sick and on top of my left eye swells. Everytime i blink my eyes, i can feel the pain and as if there is something which blocks a bit of my eyesight. Sigh...There are still a lot of things to be done. Exam is coming real soon, and Year 1 of my course is also coming to its end. Yes, there are three months of holiday but it does not mean i am going to be totally free. I will be working at the account department of a company which provides real estate and property services starting on the following Monday after the exam week. I hope this job really give me a lot of exposures since accounting is what i am studying now. It 's related. By the way, if you think that i still have Saturdays and Sundays, partially it is true, but i am still occupying myself with something. *Wink wink*

Why am i in rush? I just know i can waste no time and i must work when it comes to semester break or yearly break, unless if i can't find any job. Previously, if i had two weeks, i would get a job. If i had two months, i would also get a job. No need to mention further when it comes to the moment where i have three months break. I want to earn as much as i can so that i won't be struggling too much to pay back the study loan in future.

Again, i am questioning until when can i stand this misery life of mine.


Thursday, April 10, 2008

~* A Failed Study Plan *~

After Gideon attended the interview with AC Nielsen at PJ, he came down to Pavilion, Bukit Bintang and initially it was a study plan. We did not know what we should have for lunch and finally, we had chosen Tony Roma's. I know that it is a bit pricy but never mind. A better meal before we really suffer until the next Saturday due to exam.

Okay... Soup of The Day: Tortilla soup...

My Chicken Bowtie Pasta. It could feel my lips were greasy due to the olive oil in the pasta. But it was healthy with cubes of tomato and the olive oil. Then there were also slices of chicken and cheese sprinkled on top of it.

Gideon's Marinated Chicken Grill. Well, the portion for the chicken is quite small, but not the fries! Oh ya, the set lunches come with a drink as well and it has free refill. Don't even need to refill because the glass is like a Big Gulp you can find at 7-11. And, it was the first time i felt that the 10% of service charge was worth paying. People there really served with manner. After the meal, they would give Mentos Mint and toothpicks. They even helped the customers to unwrapped the hot tissue and handed it to them (including us).

Supposed that the study plan was at Coffee Bean but it failed in the end because Gideon was too tired. He slept late yesterday due to studies and woke up very early due to the interview at AC Nielsen. However, he managed to grab a drink before decided not to study.

On our way back, we could still drop by at Machines at Lot 10 and played with the Apple Ipod Touch. Haha... Gideon visited his blog there.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

*~ The Thread ~*

When you pull too hard, the string will just snap.
It even snaps easily when it is not even a string, but i would call it a thread.
My world is fulled with dilemmas at every single corner.

~* Almost There... *~

My position is getting lower and lower.
It's coming to the last place now.
Although it may be not be exactly the last one, but yeah, almost there.
At the same time, life is so *tut* up in EVERY single aspect.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

*~ Groovy Groovy ~*

Date: 7th April 2008
Venue: Damansara

Yesterday there was no class, and we met up with...

...the bitch again!

Camwhoring session at Sushi Groove, One Utama while waiting for the food.

My Ebi Don Buri. This was delicious. May be i was starving that time, so it would be extremely delicious for me. At Sushi King, when you order this from the menu, there will be no sauce for the rice and you have to add in the soy sauce by yourself. But this was different! There was soy sauce in the rice and a layer of egg with onion on top of the rice. Seriously, it was so so so tasty!

Gideon's Tori Chicken Sprinkles on Rice. Besides the grilled chicken, they even added in minced chicken meat... Gideon said, "It is meaty~". I was failed in taking the picture of soba that the bitch ordered, and i gave up because i was really hungry! I could not wait to start eating my Ebi Don Buri!

Here is the Flying Geisha sushi... Err... which part of it looked like a flying geisha? =P

Nothing else to be done and so the bitch dared me to eat wasabi. Fine! I ate and i did not feel the effect in my mouth. But once it was in my stomach, i could feel it and it made my stomach feeling upset. Buek~ This bitch ate it and he cried out... Sob sob.. Congratulations! =P

From One Utama, we went to Ikea at Ikano Power Centre and these two guys made it as if it was their house! -_-"

Owh~ Gideon's new friend.

Camwhoring again in the cinema. Luckily the movie had not started yet and we were not accused for illegally recording the movie. By the way, we watched The Spiderwick Chronicles and it was not bad, or else, i had already chopped off that bitch.

Okay okay.... That's all about the outing yesterday. Exam is coming next week and a lot of studies have to be done. And let's hope i am not going to be jobless after the exam.


Saturday, April 5, 2008

~* The Apes *~

After watching Planet of The Apes yesterday night on TV3, there were some characters which looked familiar to me.

Okay... The first character...

The second character...

The third character... OOPS! NO...! This is MICHAEL JACKSON!
But then, i really thought that he is from the same species as the apes.
He really looks like one of them!
*eyes rolling*

Friday, April 4, 2008

*~ The Not-So-Good Sakae Sushi ~*

After college, Gideon and I went to Bukit Bintang and our first stop was Sakae Sushi at Pavilion.
Our first time there and at first, everything was quite cool where the place has touch screens for customers to place their orders, ask for helps or bills.

I woould not deny that their salmon sushi is very cheap compared to other Japanese restaurant which is only RM 1.90 per plate. Until this very moment, everything was still okay.

The miso soup is RM 1.90 per bowl... Still okay....

Fried tofu for RM 1.90... Still okay...

But, other than that, others are sucked!
A cup of green tea with roasted rice (which tasted like those burned claypot rice) was RM 2.00.
Most of the sushi items are not only expensive, but also tasted weird.
For instance, anything to do with the salmon skin. Buek~
Even their bento, udon, etc are also very pricy.
The soy sauce? Salty like nobody's business!
I was not satisfied with the meal at all!
Sushi Zanmai is still my favourite!

It looked nice, but the taste was weird...

This tasted weird too...

Then, we walked around at Pavilion, Lot 10, and Sungai Wang.
Suddenly i felt like eating dessert so much and my mum told me that the favourite dessert shop at Imbi has moved to Low Yat there.
We found that shop!
It was outside Low Yat Plaza, opposite Coffee Bean.
Since we did not eat much earlier and we ate until not feeling satisfied at all, we ordered one Loh Mai Kai at the dessert shop.
Although it is a dessert shop, it still offers some dim sum, main courses like ramen and rice.

And of course, my main reason to be at the shop is because of the dessert :)
Here... my mango sai mai lou.... :)
Looked so yummy~
Eating here was so much more better!
At least i was satisfied after that.

On our way back to Times Square, i spotted the rainbow~!
Owh~ it was so nice to look at it with my dear :)

I really had a nice evening with dear~

Thursday, April 3, 2008

~* A Good Offer That I Had Rejected *~

I went to Adecco with Seak Ling to register myself with the recruitment agency. I can't depend on Kelly Services alone to get me temporary positions. Sometimes, people from Kelly Services are too busy to entertain the candidates as they are too busy with their clients. After i have finished my first year in two weeks time, the next three months are very important and busy for me. I need to get a temporary position, hopefully for the exact three months, so that i can fully use the period to work and earn as much as i can.

After Adecco, we headed to Kelly Services to talk to the consultant who was introduced by my previous agent who used to work there. It is important to keep in touch (nag is the other word) with the consultants because they tend to forget you if you don't keep on asking them on the status of the temporary position. Besides meeting my new consultant, Seak Ling also registered herself there as a new candidate.

At Kelly Services, i was instantly offered with a position as a data entry assistant for RM 9.80 per hour. That rate is really a good offer for data entry. It is a Singapore-based company and also a company of Toyota. It is located at Jalan Raja Chulan which is just opposite Menara Boustead. If i am going to accept the job assignment, i am reporting to a Japanese guy. However, i had rejected this offer because it required me to start tomorrow, which i can't! I am only available from 21st of April onwards.... Sigh~ What a good offer that i was forced to turn down.