Thursday, April 24, 2008

~* My Unsettled Temporary Working Life *~

Gideon went to Monash University College this morning to survey about the environment and the courses offered and i accompanied him. I will not deny that environment there is alright except for the damn fee which is twice of mine and the freaking high cost of studing there. Oh ya... i met Wei Sam and he knows the bitch. Wei Sam was from MBS last time and both of us know about each other's existence. It just that we never met before this.Besides, i met Hannah as well and she is my cousin whom i seldom meet.

Of course, since Sunway Pyramid is so near, it is our next destination. We headed to Wendy's for lunch and it was just very normal like McDonald's which i won't fancy about it the next time. Never mind... The bitch paid for the lunch so i should not complain so much. Instead, thank you, bitch!

Bitch and Gideon just kept on talking about their high school and i just listened. They mentioned about Xia Xue too and Gideon actually praised her. I'm wondering if he ever praised me in front of others before? -_-"

Almost one hour right before the movie started, the bitch and Gideon decided to have their haircut and i had to wait for them. Two guys had a girl waiting for them. Fortunately, there was free wifi in Sunway Pyramid and i spent the time waiting for them by surfing the net. I also thought for having my haircut but it was just that less than one hour was not enough for me. Imagine when both of them finished cutting their hair, it was already two and the movie was about to start in ten minutes time. The moment we entered the cinema, the movie had just started. Lucky~

By the way, we watch Forbidden Kingdom and for me, it was not really a good movie. Both Jacky Chan and Jet Li were lame besides i could see that Jet Li is getting really old. It was quite irritating listening to the way Jet Li spoke in the movie.

After the movie, it was already four in the evening and i had to attend an interview at a legal firm in Bangsar. It was due to the recommendation from the kid's, whom my mum is taking care of, mum. There, i waited for an hour before the interview started. The whole process was quite smooth and i am going to start with it next week.

I am afraid that i can't pick up things fast enough as i am inexperience, and if i do something wrong, i am going to embarrass the one who recommended me this position. Thank God, it seems like they are desperate for someone to fill in the position and they don't mind to teach someone like me from the beginning.

You must be wondering what had happened to my previous position? I quitted after two days. It happened for the first time. It was really my first time after so many employments. I was feeling very uneasy there even on my very first moment when i stepped in. Sigh~ i am lazy to explain about the reasons anymore. I did not bother to just leave because my pay was hourly basis and i was just a temporary girl there. Afterall, it was just two days and i finished my work before i left.

The HR Manager also did not mind that i left because i told her honestly about my situation. It seemed that she understood and i hoped she did. My agent was trying to change my mind but she had failed as i stayed with my decision to leave that company. I did not have to care about what she said because the HR Manager was also fine with my decision.

By the way, i have to thank Gideon for waiting inside the car until my interview was hour which took one hour of waiting time and roughly fifteen minutes of real interview. So, it was even between us for yesterday as i waited for him to finish cutting his hair and he waited for me until the end of the interview.

When i reached home, i realised he used my phone to take pictures of himself. -_-"


Anonymous said...

lou tao hou hao a!!! hahha!

char siew

Anonymous said...

eh lou tao looks abit lou jor a!!! hahha!

siew yuk

Autumn Babe said...

haha~ tell ur dad that lor...

Gideon said...

lou ur head ar siew yuk... and hao ur head ar char siew...
i wil strangle u guys one day then end up on newspaper haha

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA!!! EKK~~ MEI~ lets RUN!! hao lou tao come d!!!!

char siew~~

Autumn Babe said...

eh~ u two... sayang yr dad a bit.. dun bully him

Anonymous said...

=3= what~~ we sayang him A LOT d la!! He grow older we also can noticed ler~~ different kinda love ma~~

char siew