Sunday, April 20, 2008

*~ A Long Day ~*

I had my last paper yesterday which was Macroeconomics and it was the paper i dislike the most for the entire semester. However, it was not that bad compared to Business Law paper. The worst paper of all. Like Sharon said, "There is hope for the first two papers but not the last two". Yesh~ and the last two papers were Business Law and Macroeconomics. Well, at least we have come to the end of the final semester and unofficially ended our first year! Eerr... it will only end officially when we know our results.

Okay. So after the paper ended, Sharon, Gideon and I headed to Chili's at Bangsar Shopping Complex to celebrate the end of exam Fira's birthday to her other friends. By the way, Susan was there as well.

And this was what i had... The Lamb Shoulder! Thank God that after this good meal i will work and not going to be so broke. Hmm~ this meal was to reward myself because of the exam. For the past one week, whatever i ate made me feeling fulled, but i was not satisfied because there was always lacked of something in the taste. It did not give me the feeling or taste like "HMM~ IT IS DELICIOUS!". May be it was because the stress i faced, my appetite also got worse. Like what the Chinese say, "Sik Lung Yuk Dou Mou Mei Laaaaa....".

Okay, Gideon had this....

Have a closer look here.... I forgot what this called but it was simply so delicious. Take a look at the slice of cheese~ and pieces of chicken~ So yummy~

Oh well, we were at Chili's for a long time and kept talking, talking and talking, and eating, eating and eating. Susan mentioned about her design for the presentation on Love Hotel and i questioned her whether if she included the idea of providing condoms in each room since her Love Hotel is to encourage people to have sex. Then, we also chatted about her working experience at the Cineleisure cineplex. It was so unbelievable when she told us how bad was the management though the cineplex looks good apparently.

What she told us:

1. The management will increase the price for the movie to the maximum if the movie is real good for the first one or two weeks of screening. You want to use student card? Then the staffs there will tell you that the movie has changed and become is a blockbuster movie.
2. The best hall is only Hall 6.
3. A friend of her got framed by the management. This friend, who was a cashier, was absent for a day and when she came back to work, the management told her that someone had used her I.D. to withdraw couples of thousands. She had no chance to defend herself by proving that she was absent on the day that incident happened, as the management immediately asked the cops to take her back to the station and she was put in the lockup. But, she did not have her card punched! The parents of this girl were so freaked out that they just paid the amount of money that lost although it was not the girl's fault at all. After that, the case was dropped instantly and not a single thing was spoken at all. But in the girl's life, she is going to have a criminal record innocently. Sigh~

Okay okay.... We finally left the place at 4 something. I supposed to go home and sleep, but my mum and aunt were at Mid Valley. I was in the dilemma in choosing home or Mid Valley. In the end, i had chosen Mid Valley and it was good for Gideon also who gave me a lift as it was nearer for him to go home from there.

When i went to Carrefour, a promoter gave me to taste rice porridge for babies from Nestle. The one i tasted was chicken flavour. At first, it was tasteless, but then i realised it was not bad after all. I could not believe my mum asked the promoter the reason i was given the porridge to try because the it was for babies above eight months. I told my mum that i am above 8 months... Way above.... Besides the chicken, there are two other flavours which are salmon and vegetable. Baby food is not too bad, by the way.

When i reached home from Bangsar, where my aunt is staying, i could not stand it any longer. I bathed, i changed and i slept like Gideon like a pig.


sharon said...

yeah, we can finally enjoy the allt he sleep that we sacrificed 4 exams. hehe.

sharon said...

oppss, i mean "all the sleep".

Gideon said...

at least we enjoy the food la..i was eating until super full i think im gonna be real fat soon

Anonymous said...

waaaaa so sedap it seems!
ah maaa lets change out plan to chili's! =D butda it comes in a biggy portion eh~
miss ya~
got sell hoong zhu ma ? LOL JKJK

-yummy siew yuk-

Autumn Babe said...

[sharon] hahaha~ i dun have enuf sleep until today

[gideon] im gonna be so fat too

[siew yuk] *preparing fork and knife*