Tuesday, April 8, 2008

*~ Groovy Groovy ~*

Date: 7th April 2008
Venue: Damansara

Yesterday there was no class, and we met up with...

...the bitch again!

Camwhoring session at Sushi Groove, One Utama while waiting for the food.

My Ebi Don Buri. This was delicious. May be i was starving that time, so it would be extremely delicious for me. At Sushi King, when you order this from the menu, there will be no sauce for the rice and you have to add in the soy sauce by yourself. But this was different! There was soy sauce in the rice and a layer of egg with onion on top of the rice. Seriously, it was so so so tasty!

Gideon's Tori Chicken Sprinkles on Rice. Besides the grilled chicken, they even added in minced chicken meat... Gideon said, "It is meaty~". I was failed in taking the picture of soba that the bitch ordered, and i gave up because i was really hungry! I could not wait to start eating my Ebi Don Buri!

Here is the Flying Geisha sushi... Err... which part of it looked like a flying geisha? =P

Nothing else to be done and so the bitch dared me to eat wasabi. Fine! I ate and i did not feel the effect in my mouth. But once it was in my stomach, i could feel it and it made my stomach feeling upset. Buek~ This bitch ate it and he cried out... Sob sob.. Congratulations! =P

From One Utama, we went to Ikea at Ikano Power Centre and these two guys made it as if it was their house! -_-"

Owh~ Gideon's new friend.

Camwhoring again in the cinema. Luckily the movie had not started yet and we were not accused for illegally recording the movie. By the way, we watched The Spiderwick Chronicles and it was not bad, or else, i had already chopped off that bitch.

Okay okay.... That's all about the outing yesterday. Exam is coming next week and a lot of studies have to be done. And let's hope i am not going to be jobless after the exam.



~BeCkY~ said...

At first when i went to ur blog, I just see all the pictures one.. Then when I saw the food, then only I'll read the content a bit, to see where was it ma..

Then when I saw the couch, I really thought it was their house.. rupanya it's IKEA>..

Autumn Babe said...

hahaha~ gotcha, dad!