Sunday, April 27, 2008

~* Summary of My First Week *~

A week has passed since after the final exam, but it seems like i have been on holidays for a long time. Let me summarized what happened for the past one week.

  • Celebrated Fira's birthday.
  • Quitted a job after two days.
  • Visited Monash and tried Wendy's.
  • Attended another job interview at a legal firm (Going to start working on Monday).
  • Tried the salad prepared by Gideon.
  • Had a f.ulgy haircut.
  • Watched CJ7, Shrek 3 and part of Waterhorse with Gideon at his house.
  • Together, we bathed Puffy, the dog.
  • Went to the night market at Taman Midah.

Yes, this is Puffy which will hide because of the thunder.

And today, i am going to just rest at home watching few episodes of Ghost Whisperer: Season 2 which Gideon gave me. At the same time, i want to finish up the cherry tomatoes in the fridge. The fact is tomato is very good as an antitoxidant because it contains lycopene. Also, it can minimize the damage due to sunburn besides providing you with other nutrients.


Gideon said...

Somehow Puffy looks cute when she's scared, which makes me forgive the fact that shes so damn naughty at times. But of course you my dear looks even cuter =p

Autumn Babe said...

hehe~ *blushing*
so bad la you... making me blushing...