Friday, April 4, 2008

*~ The Not-So-Good Sakae Sushi ~*

After college, Gideon and I went to Bukit Bintang and our first stop was Sakae Sushi at Pavilion.
Our first time there and at first, everything was quite cool where the place has touch screens for customers to place their orders, ask for helps or bills.

I woould not deny that their salmon sushi is very cheap compared to other Japanese restaurant which is only RM 1.90 per plate. Until this very moment, everything was still okay.

The miso soup is RM 1.90 per bowl... Still okay....

Fried tofu for RM 1.90... Still okay...

But, other than that, others are sucked!
A cup of green tea with roasted rice (which tasted like those burned claypot rice) was RM 2.00.
Most of the sushi items are not only expensive, but also tasted weird.
For instance, anything to do with the salmon skin. Buek~
Even their bento, udon, etc are also very pricy.
The soy sauce? Salty like nobody's business!
I was not satisfied with the meal at all!
Sushi Zanmai is still my favourite!

It looked nice, but the taste was weird...

This tasted weird too...

Then, we walked around at Pavilion, Lot 10, and Sungai Wang.
Suddenly i felt like eating dessert so much and my mum told me that the favourite dessert shop at Imbi has moved to Low Yat there.
We found that shop!
It was outside Low Yat Plaza, opposite Coffee Bean.
Since we did not eat much earlier and we ate until not feeling satisfied at all, we ordered one Loh Mai Kai at the dessert shop.
Although it is a dessert shop, it still offers some dim sum, main courses like ramen and rice.

And of course, my main reason to be at the shop is because of the dessert :)
Here... my mango sai mai lou.... :)
Looked so yummy~
Eating here was so much more better!
At least i was satisfied after that.

On our way back to Times Square, i spotted the rainbow~!
Owh~ it was so nice to look at it with my dear :)

I really had a nice evening with dear~


Gideon said...

nice rainbow huh..altho it even looks better than the photo lor.
and next time we go someplace else and eat ok. try sushi groove

Autumn Babe said...

hmm~ ok lor...
i still want sushi zanmai!