Saturday, February 28, 2009

~* Korean Food At Food Garden *~

On the same day i went out with Matthew and my dearest friends, i met up with Mr. [R] for dinner and movie.

Dinner at Food Garden, The Gardens:

Mr. [R]'s Pineapple Fried Rice.

My Dolsot Bibim Bap which Mr. [R] said that he would definitely eat this again!
You shall give the Korean food there a try. Delicious food and a pleasant Korean lady.

Extra Kimchi for me. ^^

*~ Before Matt Left ~*

Yesterday was Matthew's last day in Malaysia before he is going back to Australia in few hours time to continue his studies. Yesterday was also the day we celebrated his very belated birthday which was supposed to be few weeks ago but at that time, we were sitting for the exam and then i started to work on the other hand. Sorry, brother.

The present that we got for him to bring back to Australia.

He is very happy with his new boxers.

Food! Food! Food! I totally forgot all the names! I only remember mine which was the side Ceasar Salad. Yeah, just salad for me. :)

And yes, they bowled again. Most of the time, whenever we were at Mid Valley, it was only eating and either bowling or watching movie.

Matthew's pose after defeating Gavin. Muahaha~

Monday, February 23, 2009

~* College Starts! *~

Yes, my first day of college. First class at eight in the morning which ended 45 minutes later leaving Sharon, Seak Ling and i with 5 hours and 15 minutes of break since tutorial classes have not started yet. 5 hours and 15 minutes seemed to me a very long break but we managed to fully utilised the free time without feeling bored. By the way, i think the first class will be quite interesting in the future with the lecturer's behaviour.

At first, there were only me and Sharon before a bunch of students from Maldives entered the class together with the lecturer. Only me and Sharon who are the local students! Instead of them, i felt myself as a foreigner even more! I asked Sharon if i were in the wrong class. The lecturer heard me and he added, "Yeah~ Are you both in the right class? Ethics, right?" We nodded. For your information, the full name for the subject is Business Ethics and Social Responsibility. Wah lao... We have to study that as a subject as we don't have ethics. Sigh. Well, thanked God that later on few more local students joined the class.

After the first class, we went to the library to look for the textbook which is going to be used for one of the subjects. Yay, we got it! Then, i did go to the bank to deposit my cheque for the two-week work done during semester break. Together with Wei-I and Puva, we went somewhere around the main campus for lunch and spent quite sometime there before we decided to hang out for awhile at the main campus itself. When the clock struck 1.30, it was time for us to prepare for the next class and we had to take the bus back to the other campus. 5 hours and 15 minutes were just gone like that.

Alright. Second class for the day. Financial Reporting. It made me so sleepy. I wished that he could just talk a bit faster and stop using monotone. He is too good to put people asleep. Again, thanked God that the class ended almost 1.5 hours later when it was supposed to be a 3-hour lecture.

Looking at the time we had, we went to the Department to see the assistant manager because we needed to seek approval. We have this subject that is only can be taken after we have taken another subject but we have not taken the pre-requisite subject yet. Thus, this semester, we plan to do both subjects concurrently. When everything was done there, we headed back to the main campus to register all the subjects.

While registering, I gave a stare at my own student identification card and realised that it was going to expire in March. Then, i gave a stare at myself and i thought i looked good today. Immediately, i had this thought of renewing of the card with a new picture on it. All of us needed to renew and it was not only me. Yes, we headed to the registry for that and i am extremely satisfy with the new picture of my student identification card if i compared with the old one, of course.

Whee~ I settled so many matters that i was required to. I have the sense of achievement! Muahahaha.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

*~ Dinner At Vivo ~*

Vivo, American Pizza & Panini.

Camomile Tea for my dear friend.

I shared with my dear friend:

Classic Ceasar Salad.

Focaccia Mushroom.

Healthy dinner, right?

And no, i was not having my dinner alone nor with Mr. [R]. =)


Friday, February 20, 2009

~* Luvvvvv..... *~

Quoted this from Metro section, page M20, The Star newspaper dated 20th February 2009 by Wan Hua Chapouthier:

"Valentine's Day may have passed, and with the day having come hot on heels of Chap Goh Meh, were we in the mood for love?"

"For myself, i would say: "Yes, of course; and why not? So long as my heart beats, I will accept love because love comes into one's life in many forms and any time."

"They say that "rather be loved than never be loved at all," and "rather to have loved someone than never to have loved anyone". That also implied that winners take all and losers are left standing tall. And, may i add, losers try again and winners may, one day, fall."

Thus, does it matter when one has started a relationship with someone you like or love before you? Must you hate that one person to the extreme? No and no. One day, that one person will fall and who know, you may meet someone else who is better and you truly love.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

*~ I'm A Thai Food Addict ~*

It happened that i did not have my camera with me. Thus, i had to use my phone camera. The best pictures that i could take with it.

At Rain Nudle House, Pavilion:

Stir Fried Spaghetti with Seafood.
I love the spiciness even though it was quite salty.

Pineapple Fried Rice.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

~* Valentine's Day Or Foodie Day *~

Tea time at Delicious, Mid Valley:

Chocolate Brownie with ice-cream at Delicious.

Dinner at Flying Chilies, The Gardens:

Flying Chilies is part of the SEA Cuisine family together with others such as Celadon (Pavilion), Amarin Heavenly Thai (Mid Valley), Rain Nudle House (Pavilion), and Bangkok Jazz (Bukit Bintang). For more information about the family members of SEA Cuisine, click here.

Stir Fried Baby Kailan.

Chicken with Cashew Nuts.

Not forgetting, the "explosive" Seafood Tom Yam soup.
The spiciness was amazing!

Coconut Cream with Sago and Honeydew.
It would be nicer if the coconut cream was cold rather than hot.

Chilling out session which was also our main plan of the day at Luna Bar:

The night views.

Most of the people would just head to the open area of Luna Bar. The fact is the other side of the bar is better than the open area with all the interior decorations and cozy environment.

Boston Beach Party.


I don't know whose hand was this but i knew he was trying to break my neck! @.@

Supper at Jalan Ipoh:

The homosapien who was with me throughout the day.
(P/S: Nahh! I am doing what you told, okay?)

A simple gift but i love this so much. He made this for me with all his effort! Normally, people would bake cakes or cookies but he made chocolate for me!Chocolate! You can't find this anywhere. Even if it is fattening, i am still going to finish it all by myself! >.<

Friday, February 13, 2009

*~ Love Is In The Air ~*

I just came back from lunch with my colleagues at Flying Chilies, The Gardens which serves Thai food. Before that, one of them said that he would like to LaCoste to get a gift for his date on Valentine's Day. After the lunch when we were heading back to the car, only we realised that he actually got something for his date from COACH! Here is how the conversation flowed:

"Owh. So you actually get something for the girl from Coach? What is it?"

"It's a small purse."

"A coin purse?"

"No. no..."

"How much?"

"It is not very expensive."


"Just RM 600."

Then, all of us gave him this look.


Our eyes seriously almost popped out!

Continued with another question,

"Why don't you say it is RM6,000?"


Alright, people. So it is Valentine's Day tomorrow. How are you people going to celebrate? Also, what are you expecting? Unless, you just want to have no expectation so that it will appear as a surprise to you. Or you don't feel so hurtful when it is not within your expection.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

~* Yes To Yakult *~

I did fasting since last night until this morning before i got my blood test done. The doctor asked me how did i feel after consuming the medicine that she gave for my stomachache problem last week. By the way, it was antibiotic for that illness. I told her that i feel better since then. I recalled that i used to have gastric problem when i was in high school and my stomach then got weak. It even got weaker when last year i had a very bad diarrhea and the next thing i knew was everything that i ate just led me to the washroom within few hours regardless whether the food is healthy or unhealthy. After that the doctor whom i consulted told me that my stomach got infected by bacterias. Yes, my stomach was affected again like last time but without the bad diarrhea.

The doctor reminded me:

No oily food.

No extremely spicy food.
(How do I live without you~)

No mamak beancurd which they put in fried noodles.

No shell food.

No caffeine.

No mint.
(MotherEFF? Not even mint?)


Yes to hot food.

Yes to


The doctor's husband is a doctor who is specialised with anything to do with the stomach. I don't know what is the name for the doctor who is specialised in that. Don't mind me. He was sent to the Yakult factory in Japan and he found out that those good bacterias contain in Yakult drink is according to the measurement given compared to other yoghurt drinks. Thus, drink Yakult but only for once in a day and not more than that. Should i ask Yakult to pay me back some advertising fees?

My first day of work. Not much changes except that i met few new people who are the chambering students and my place is not the place that i used to sit. Most of the people there did not know that i would appear today for working and they were really surprised including one of my own bosses. My first day of work in a legal firm that i used to work with last time. I got used to it so quickly that i just came back at 10 something. So many things to be done. It was not something new to me as i even came back at 12 something last time. This will continue. Usually, if it is a new job, the first few days will be very free and people are able to go home as soon as the clock strikes the hour but not me.

I am damn tired right now.

Off to bed.

Monday, February 9, 2009

*~ Chap Goh Mei ~*

Oh gosh! I went to Pavilion with my mum today and she ordered the Mee Jawa at Food Republic that she was craving for this evening. I was forced to share this with her.

Next, i met up with Nick at Ochacha after he sent messages to me saying that i should pay him a visit there as soon as possible before i can't have my free Matcha Azuki Freezie anymore. Yea, for some reasons but i can't reveal it here publicly. Including this time, he treated me for the third time, i think. Yummy. After so many years as friends, this is our very first picture together. Pathetic.

Matcha Azuki Freezie.
(Iced-blended green tea with red beans)

Later on, my mum and i met up with my brother for dinner at LaLot at 6th floor of Pavilion.

My brother. Yes, he is allergic to stupid people. Can i have a t-shirt written "Allergic to bitches"?

Vietnamese style Crepe. Look at the prawn and quill egg.

Vietnamese durian cendol. I still prefer the Malaysian style cendol.

Overall, everything appeared to be alright to me and i am quite satisfied. Not too happy nor too sad. Common. I should have go to the next door and try the Thai food instead. Celadon. Well, i am going for a checkup tomorrow and i bet the result is going to be bad. Look at the food i had. Prawn. Lamb that i did not take the picture of it. Most of all, quill egg. One quill egg equals to the cholestrol of three chickens! I shall tell the doctor, "When you get the results that time, please remember to decrease the number you see for the cholestrol part. I accidentally consumed a little bit too much the night before."

Today is not only the last day of Chinese New Year celebration, but it is also Chinese Valentine's Day. Is this also the reason i saw so many couples today? Seriously i saw a lot of couples at Pavilion. While there were couples celebrating with each other, i celebrated with my family. Who say that Valentine's day can be celebrated with your spouse or partner only? It is a day you can even celebrate with your family, friend, or even your pet! So, did anyone go to throw or fetch those mandarin oranges into the pond, river or even sea?

I saw Levi's woven boxer for both men and women. For men, the boxer is navy blue and there are tiny white polka dots. Meanwhile, for women, it is white colour with black polka dots. The most attractive thing is the boxer comes together with a pouch that is made from denim. It's limited edition in conjunction of Valentine's Day. I really want to buy it so much! So so much! But then, my mum does not really agree with it as it is not really affordable. But... It is really nice! Well, there is no rule saying that you can't buy a Valentine's gift for yourself.

Ooops. Actually it is quite dangerous for me to write what i like or love here because i know some homosapiens or i should say a homosapien will feel motivated after knowing that i can't get what i want. Then, that homosapien might even go and get it faster than i do just to prove how great the homosapien is. Wah lao. If this is the case, i will miss out a lot of funs just because of the homosapien touches, has, and eats something faster than i do and i can't have them anymore. No way!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

~* SASA '06 Reunion Day *~

Urghh~ I was having difficulty in waking up this morning after sleeping at 3 o' clock. But i was not late to meet up with people whom i did not see for a very long time. Four of them and i will introduce to you later on. So, we had our lunch at Kenny Rogers Roasters.

My Quarter Chicken Meal.

Tada! Peter Pan and Teoh. Both of them used to work with the Customer Marketing Department in my college and i was once under for internship when i first entered the college.

This is Vivian, my beloved sister when we did internship together last time.

And i would never leave Ee Ling out of the scene, of course. I should thank her for suggesting Kenny Rogers Roasters because i seriously did not have it for a very long time and i did miss it.

Yes, Vivian, Ee Ling and i were once under these two guys (and another macho guy who did not turn up today) during our one year internship with the HELP University College Customer Marketing Department *Phew*. Of course, it was not only three of us doing the internship when there were actually many of them. However, six of us got even closer when we were trying to conquer the whole Peninsular Malaysia almost two years ago. Just kidding. We went to several states and organised scholarship interview sessions.

Yea. Our so called reunion day had only five of us.

Well, after the lunch, Ee Ling and i shopped around in Mid Valley before we finally settled down at Chinoz in The Gardens for a drink later on. I was so excited when i told her so many things that happened to me before this. She also told me how her life was going on previously in Australia before she came back here for a break.

She also gave us this flavoured straw that is used to drink milk. As you are drinking the white milk using the straw, it will give you the flavour. Yummy~ I remember Gavin once gave me this before but the packaging was very different. From a colourful packaging has now become 2-colour packaging. Cost saving, may be. I even asked her to send a box of these to me when she is back to Australia.