Sunday, February 15, 2009

~* Valentine's Day Or Foodie Day *~

Tea time at Delicious, Mid Valley:

Chocolate Brownie with ice-cream at Delicious.

Dinner at Flying Chilies, The Gardens:

Flying Chilies is part of the SEA Cuisine family together with others such as Celadon (Pavilion), Amarin Heavenly Thai (Mid Valley), Rain Nudle House (Pavilion), and Bangkok Jazz (Bukit Bintang). For more information about the family members of SEA Cuisine, click here.

Stir Fried Baby Kailan.

Chicken with Cashew Nuts.

Not forgetting, the "explosive" Seafood Tom Yam soup.
The spiciness was amazing!

Coconut Cream with Sago and Honeydew.
It would be nicer if the coconut cream was cold rather than hot.

Chilling out session which was also our main plan of the day at Luna Bar:

The night views.

Most of the people would just head to the open area of Luna Bar. The fact is the other side of the bar is better than the open area with all the interior decorations and cozy environment.

Boston Beach Party.


I don't know whose hand was this but i knew he was trying to break my neck! @.@

Supper at Jalan Ipoh:

The homosapien who was with me throughout the day.
(P/S: Nahh! I am doing what you told, okay?)

A simple gift but i love this so much. He made this for me with all his effort! Normally, people would bake cakes or cookies but he made chocolate for me!Chocolate! You can't find this anywhere. Even if it is fattening, i am still going to finish it all by myself! >.<

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