Friday, February 13, 2009

*~ Love Is In The Air ~*

I just came back from lunch with my colleagues at Flying Chilies, The Gardens which serves Thai food. Before that, one of them said that he would like to LaCoste to get a gift for his date on Valentine's Day. After the lunch when we were heading back to the car, only we realised that he actually got something for his date from COACH! Here is how the conversation flowed:

"Owh. So you actually get something for the girl from Coach? What is it?"

"It's a small purse."

"A coin purse?"

"No. no..."

"How much?"

"It is not very expensive."


"Just RM 600."

Then, all of us gave him this look.


Our eyes seriously almost popped out!

Continued with another question,

"Why don't you say it is RM6,000?"


Alright, people. So it is Valentine's Day tomorrow. How are you people going to celebrate? Also, what are you expecting? Unless, you just want to have no expectation so that it will appear as a surprise to you. Or you don't feel so hurtful when it is not within your expection.

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