Tuesday, February 10, 2009

~* Yes To Yakult *~

I did fasting since last night until this morning before i got my blood test done. The doctor asked me how did i feel after consuming the medicine that she gave for my stomachache problem last week. By the way, it was antibiotic for that illness. I told her that i feel better since then. I recalled that i used to have gastric problem when i was in high school and my stomach then got weak. It even got weaker when last year i had a very bad diarrhea and the next thing i knew was everything that i ate just led me to the washroom within few hours regardless whether the food is healthy or unhealthy. After that the doctor whom i consulted told me that my stomach got infected by bacterias. Yes, my stomach was affected again like last time but without the bad diarrhea.

The doctor reminded me:

No oily food.

No extremely spicy food.
(How do I live without you~)

No mamak beancurd which they put in fried noodles.

No shell food.

No caffeine.

No mint.
(MotherEFF? Not even mint?)


Yes to hot food.

Yes to


The doctor's husband is a doctor who is specialised with anything to do with the stomach. I don't know what is the name for the doctor who is specialised in that. Don't mind me. He was sent to the Yakult factory in Japan and he found out that those good bacterias contain in Yakult drink is according to the measurement given compared to other yoghurt drinks. Thus, drink Yakult but only for once in a day and not more than that. Should i ask Yakult to pay me back some advertising fees?

My first day of work. Not much changes except that i met few new people who are the chambering students and my place is not the place that i used to sit. Most of the people there did not know that i would appear today for working and they were really surprised including one of my own bosses. My first day of work in a legal firm that i used to work with last time. I got used to it so quickly that i just came back at 10 something. So many things to be done. It was not something new to me as i even came back at 12 something last time. This will continue. Usually, if it is a new job, the first few days will be very free and people are able to go home as soon as the clock strikes the hour but not me.

I am damn tired right now.

Off to bed.


Ripsta said...

yes to yakult..
no to michelle..

why yukult la..
u make me laughing out load.. hahahha

Ripsta said...

just joke la dear.. how ur health today?

Stef said...

hey didnt know u're sick!

sorry to hear that..
guess it's kinda horrible with the upset stomach..

hope you do recover soon...

indeed yakult is good for the tummy! :)