Monday, February 9, 2009

*~ Chap Goh Mei ~*

Oh gosh! I went to Pavilion with my mum today and she ordered the Mee Jawa at Food Republic that she was craving for this evening. I was forced to share this with her.

Next, i met up with Nick at Ochacha after he sent messages to me saying that i should pay him a visit there as soon as possible before i can't have my free Matcha Azuki Freezie anymore. Yea, for some reasons but i can't reveal it here publicly. Including this time, he treated me for the third time, i think. Yummy. After so many years as friends, this is our very first picture together. Pathetic.

Matcha Azuki Freezie.
(Iced-blended green tea with red beans)

Later on, my mum and i met up with my brother for dinner at LaLot at 6th floor of Pavilion.

My brother. Yes, he is allergic to stupid people. Can i have a t-shirt written "Allergic to bitches"?

Vietnamese style Crepe. Look at the prawn and quill egg.

Vietnamese durian cendol. I still prefer the Malaysian style cendol.

Overall, everything appeared to be alright to me and i am quite satisfied. Not too happy nor too sad. Common. I should have go to the next door and try the Thai food instead. Celadon. Well, i am going for a checkup tomorrow and i bet the result is going to be bad. Look at the food i had. Prawn. Lamb that i did not take the picture of it. Most of all, quill egg. One quill egg equals to the cholestrol of three chickens! I shall tell the doctor, "When you get the results that time, please remember to decrease the number you see for the cholestrol part. I accidentally consumed a little bit too much the night before."

Today is not only the last day of Chinese New Year celebration, but it is also Chinese Valentine's Day. Is this also the reason i saw so many couples today? Seriously i saw a lot of couples at Pavilion. While there were couples celebrating with each other, i celebrated with my family. Who say that Valentine's day can be celebrated with your spouse or partner only? It is a day you can even celebrate with your family, friend, or even your pet! So, did anyone go to throw or fetch those mandarin oranges into the pond, river or even sea?

I saw Levi's woven boxer for both men and women. For men, the boxer is navy blue and there are tiny white polka dots. Meanwhile, for women, it is white colour with black polka dots. The most attractive thing is the boxer comes together with a pouch that is made from denim. It's limited edition in conjunction of Valentine's Day. I really want to buy it so much! So so much! But then, my mum does not really agree with it as it is not really affordable. But... It is really nice! Well, there is no rule saying that you can't buy a Valentine's gift for yourself.

Ooops. Actually it is quite dangerous for me to write what i like or love here because i know some homosapiens or i should say a homosapien will feel motivated after knowing that i can't get what i want. Then, that homosapien might even go and get it faster than i do just to prove how great the homosapien is. Wah lao. If this is the case, i will miss out a lot of funs just because of the homosapien touches, has, and eats something faster than i do and i can't have them anymore. No way!

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Jacklicious said...

hmmm.. ur first picture in so many years... and i just realised that who he was... lim jian fai? (i think i spelled correctly??) a.k.a. nick... omg... and michele.. ur hairstyle, on that day... suits u better... haha...cheers..!!