Saturday, February 28, 2009

*~ Before Matt Left ~*

Yesterday was Matthew's last day in Malaysia before he is going back to Australia in few hours time to continue his studies. Yesterday was also the day we celebrated his very belated birthday which was supposed to be few weeks ago but at that time, we were sitting for the exam and then i started to work on the other hand. Sorry, brother.

The present that we got for him to bring back to Australia.

He is very happy with his new boxers.

Food! Food! Food! I totally forgot all the names! I only remember mine which was the side Ceasar Salad. Yeah, just salad for me. :)

And yes, they bowled again. Most of the time, whenever we were at Mid Valley, it was only eating and either bowling or watching movie.

Matthew's pose after defeating Gavin. Muahaha~


Ripsta said...

i really know how to eat..

Ripsta said...

salah ayat meh..

"u really know to eat"

jeng jeng jeng..

neway, i pun tak suke i rambut pendek.. cis cis..
takpe, this is last time i potong..
i will keep my long hair after this.. maintain like before.. eheh

*high five*