Sunday, February 8, 2009

*~ Silence Is Not Golden Afterall ~*

Things just keep playing in my mind.

It is time for self-evaluation. Yes, it just popped into my mind out of sudden. I remember that i asked two questions to a homosapien recently which i thought at first that the answer to the questions should be alright and i am not too bad afterall.

For the first question, i remember that the homosapien paused for a while before answering it. Then, the answer given was somehow not within my expectation. But i told myself that i should accept and deal with it except there was one word which was being used to describe me. Bitchy. I started to ask myself when was i being bitchy before this and why? Am i really that bitchy in my life? Is it because i keep on telling people that i am bitchy until that homosapien sets in the mind that i am bitchy which subsequently thinks i am that bitchy?

"She tells me that she is bitchy. She tells me that she is bitchy." *Ting* "Ahaaa~ She is bitchy".

"Yes, you are bitchy!"

I know. I know. It was only when i had my playful time with my dear friends and when i seriously don't really like that person. Other than those, i am not so bitchy afterall in my daily life. I also do realise that there are people who really understand the meaning of bitchiness and they do bitch every single day of their life. I don't really know who the people are, but at least i know there is one in my life. Trust me, if there was a bitching conpetition, she would be crowned as the winner.

Okay. About the bitchiness part, what i want to say is from now on, i am going to eliminate the word "bitchy" which is used to describe myself by myself. I don't know how people look at me and do they use the word to describe me. However, as for me, i won't use the word "bitchy" on myself anymore because i don't really look like one.

Regarding the second question, the response i got was even worse than the first question, i guess. Instead of an answer, i got a question being thrown back to me. Next, it ended with silence. No words had been used as answer in this question. A very bad indicator.

Am i really that bad?


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