Sunday, February 8, 2009

~* Latest Quick Updates *~

  1. Chinese New Year celebration will end on Monday.

  2. I am going to start working on Tuesday for two weeks before going back to college the following week. Yes, i only have two weeks which i will fully utilise it by earning some money.

  3. Mr. [R] will be extremely busy this coming week because of midterm exam and his entrepreneur project.

  4. Both of us just came back from hanging out together. Where did we go? We went to Amanda's house for open house.

  5. Then, our next destination was Steven's Corner at Setapak for yumcha session. I still can smile the cheese now even after i bathed due to the special cheese naan that we had.

  6. I had fun not only with the bunch of people there but also playing with Gorgan's new Nikon D60. Celaka....

  7. I am waiting for my beloved son, Gorgan to give me all the pictures taken with his Nikon D60 so that i can upload them here. =_=" (Oiii~ Faster laaa....)

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