Sunday, January 24, 2010

~* An Evening @ Bukit Bintang *~

Boyfriend and i went to Bukit Bintang on Saturday evening to check out a few things. Since we only had our brunch and Sushi King yee sang is now available, we decided to have our tea time at Sushi King.

Yeap, we went in just for the yee sang. We did not know that green tea at Sushi King is now complimentary. It had been a very looooong time before i stepped into Sushi King again yesterday. I felt so outdated. And the green tea was so diluted. As usual, don't expect so much when something is complimentary.

Woohoo! First yee sang of the year. I am not really a fan of yee sang except for the one at Sushi King. Even boyfriend said this is better than the usual yee sang.

Then, for dinner, we went to Super Noodle House.

Pork Chili Sauce Noodle.
Nice but towards the end, it was very oil due to the pork. And look at the veggie! Geez... the part i hate the most and thank God, boyfriend was the one having this.

Roast Sausage Rice.
The place i went last time to have this used char siew sauce. Double sweetness (and jelak-ness). Here, they use (the salty and not the sweet one) duck sauce instead.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

*~ Xenri D' Garden Terrace ~*

Last Sunday, boyfriend and i went to Xenri D'Garden Terrace at Menara Hap Seng for his birthday celebration that involved only the both of us. We went to Rakuzen for his 20th birthday and this time we went to Xenri for his 21st birthday. Both also involved Japanese buffet. Coincidence, okay? Anyway, the restaurant is not that big and there are not many varieties but i definitely love the food presentation and the ambiance. Peaceful dining experience.

The sushi, sashimi and other raw food corner.

Soft shell crab handroll.
Other handrolls available are salmon, California and another one which i have forgotten.

Fried maki which is my favourite at Sakae Sushi.
The fried maki at Sakae Sushi is cut, coated with flour and then only being deep fried. However, the fried maki at Xenri is fried first before cutting, making it crispy only on the seaweed but not the entire piece of the maki.

The usual tamago sushi is with the slice of egg sitting right on top of the sushi rice. But look at this! You can taste the egg more than the rice! Yummy yummy....!

Fresh juicy oysters.

Mussels, prawns, squids, scallops.

At the appetisers corner, they have...


Garden Salad.

Soft shell crab soba served in a martini glass.

The bad thing about this is it was not served hot.

Fried scallop.
Common. Just nothing special.

Seasoned octopus.
Weird presentation. It's like someone with broken neck.

Lobster salad in martini glass
...together with juicy shrimps and honeydew cubes in it.

Love all the skewers to the max! Juicy juicy meats... 10/10 for all these.

Another favourite of mine: Shishamo (grilled smelt fish)

Where does the crunchiness come from?
The eggs of this fish. If you dislike eating fish eggs, don't bother to have this.

Baked oysters.
I just don't know how to describe this but it is definitely very different from other cheese baked oysters. Not some plain cheese baked oysters.

The best part is the hidden treasures underneath the oyster like mushroom and crabmeat.

Some other dishes which are available.

It seems like serving coconut at a Japanese buffet is a trend.

This is always served with beef at other places but here, you can choose to have either chicken or beef and the taste remains.

Desserts which failed to attract me. I was too full to have desserts and there was nothing much to be fancied about.

Since i had tried almost everything, the next time i just want to eat repeatedly whatever i think is really delicious. Fried maki. Cheese baked oysters. Skewers. Sukiyaki. I don't mind to save one buck each day for 2 months just to have another visit!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

~* More Chocolates!!! *~

Thanks to Han Loong, the pilot.

Ritter Sport from Langkawi that costs half of the price in KL or any other places.
(Regret. Regret. I should have asked him to buy more!)

Whittakers Irish Roasted Almond Gold Milk Chocolate Bars from New Zealand.

Now, there are varieties of chocolates in my fridge. It's like i am collecting chocolates.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

*~ Craft Brews @ Mutiara Damansara ~*

So, i had used the free voucher from Craft Brews yesterday for dinner together with boyfriend and mum. I seriously fall in love with the ambiance there. Cozy, spacious, and nice songs. It looks like a place for fine dining but with a closer look, the staffs there wear casual. Boyfriend said, "Like farmers." But to me, they are better than that.

The beer bottles are used to decorate the place. The unique beer bottle packaging reminds me of Kung Fu Panda. Don't ask me why because i don't know how to explain to you but i like it.

The complimentary soup.
I know it is a tomato-based soup but it was really sour and at the same time, a little bit salty to me. Is it a good thing having this as a starter so that the customers will crave further for the main course?

Craft Brews Pasta.
A cream-based pasta with bacon strips and sliced shiitake mushrooms. Instead of using parsley to garnish, they use bacon strips. And usually, we see parsley is the only green veggie we can find sitting on top of the pasta but this is different. They actually toss the pasta together with veggie. Not forgetting, the pasta comes with a generous amount of sliced mushrooms.

Lemon Grass Butter Dory Fillet
...that is served with a generous portion of coleslaw. The fish tasted a bit of alkaline and it was a little bit salty. Perhaps, the alkaline taste was due to the flour they used. But no doubt that the capers and white wine (if i were not mistaken) infused cream sauce is superb!

Malt and Maple Glazed Ribs.
The meat is so tender and juicy. And the moment i cut the meat, i could smell vinegar. Aww... Delicious! But wait, i thought the ribs were going to be real sweet because of malt and maple. Still delicious, anyway. Boyfriend was the one having this but i just took a rib from him. And everytime i just wanted to look at him eating, he would accuse me of wanting the whole plate. =/ Anyway, boyfriend and i have the same thought that it would be nicer if they had served the baked potato wedges like Christang instead of this crunchy fried wedges though it was still nice to eat. But the combination would have been better with the baked potato wedges.

When the bill came, i was smiling all the way. You know what certain businesses do, for example, when they say, "Buy one and get one free... The free item will the one with the price lower than what you're paying for." Since, it was a table for three and we supposed to get free meal for two, i expected that we needed to pay for the most expensive one. I was wrong! Don't understand? Look at the receipt below and you will understand.

Mum was happy with the food. She kept on saying that the next time i plan for anyone's birthday or for my own birthday, i shall have it here. I also could not believe it when she told me the price is pretty reasonable. And it is so easy to reach this restaurant. As long as the Tesco at Mutiara Damansara is on your left, just go straight until you reach the junction. At the junction, just look front left and Craft Brews is there!

Dearest beer lovers, this is a place for you all with different types of beers that you can't find at anywhere else. For more info, visit Craft Brews' Facebook page. I will definitely come back again especially for the beer since i did not get to try it this time. If bro read this, i think he would go. Or perhaps, he really should give it a try.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

~* Boyfriend's Birthday *~

The first event of the brand new 2010 was boyfriend's birthday celebration at Euro Deli Grill, a German-Swiss restaurant. It was the very first Saturday in 2010 and i remembered how sleepy i was since i literally did nothing at home though everyone else was so busy. I felt like a handicapped person.

Okay. This is boyfriend with his birthday cake. Always love him in dark colour shirt.

One bottle of Heineken = One glass of Heineken.

The complimentary buns.

The menu had very few choices because the restaurant was having buffet for that night.

Mixed Roast that included ribs and knuckle.
The taste was exactly like the Chinese roast pork except that it was served with mushroom sauce. And many of us could not really get used to the sauerkraut (sour cabbage).

Butcher Plate.
Combination of pork knuckle, Kassler ham, and German sausage served with mashed potato and salad. Star of the night since the rest were just so-so. =/

To me, the cabonara was not creamy and cheesy enough. Classic but it was the second best of that evening; even better than the mixed roast. But the mixed roast was not the worst yet!

Grilled Pork Chop.
I did not taste this but i can ensure you that this was not the worst yet!

Pork Schnitzel.

According my friend, it was like Chicken Maryland but without the sauce. Somehow, i liked the potato salad.

Roast Pork Salad.

The WORST of everything. Chinese roast pork with salad served with thousand island dressing. I rather went to the roast pork rice stall to buy some roast pork and add in my own thousand island! Such a waste of money on this! The portion was so small and it was not cheap at all! Freaking RM25.00 for this. I rather use that money and pay few bucks extra for the Ceasar Salad at Delicious.

Once is enough. I will never go back again.

Some human pictures taken on that day and the rest, as usual, are in Facebook.

It was just a coincidence that we wore almost the same colour on that day.

I don't know why but this picture looks great!

The dudes with birthday boy.

Last but not least, a picture of the pretty babes with the birthday boy.