Sunday, January 17, 2010

*~ Xenri D' Garden Terrace ~*

Last Sunday, boyfriend and i went to Xenri D'Garden Terrace at Menara Hap Seng for his birthday celebration that involved only the both of us. We went to Rakuzen for his 20th birthday and this time we went to Xenri for his 21st birthday. Both also involved Japanese buffet. Coincidence, okay? Anyway, the restaurant is not that big and there are not many varieties but i definitely love the food presentation and the ambiance. Peaceful dining experience.

The sushi, sashimi and other raw food corner.

Soft shell crab handroll.
Other handrolls available are salmon, California and another one which i have forgotten.

Fried maki which is my favourite at Sakae Sushi.
The fried maki at Sakae Sushi is cut, coated with flour and then only being deep fried. However, the fried maki at Xenri is fried first before cutting, making it crispy only on the seaweed but not the entire piece of the maki.

The usual tamago sushi is with the slice of egg sitting right on top of the sushi rice. But look at this! You can taste the egg more than the rice! Yummy yummy....!

Fresh juicy oysters.

Mussels, prawns, squids, scallops.

At the appetisers corner, they have...


Garden Salad.

Soft shell crab soba served in a martini glass.

The bad thing about this is it was not served hot.

Fried scallop.
Common. Just nothing special.

Seasoned octopus.
Weird presentation. It's like someone with broken neck.

Lobster salad in martini glass
...together with juicy shrimps and honeydew cubes in it.

Love all the skewers to the max! Juicy juicy meats... 10/10 for all these.

Another favourite of mine: Shishamo (grilled smelt fish)

Where does the crunchiness come from?
The eggs of this fish. If you dislike eating fish eggs, don't bother to have this.

Baked oysters.
I just don't know how to describe this but it is definitely very different from other cheese baked oysters. Not some plain cheese baked oysters.

The best part is the hidden treasures underneath the oyster like mushroom and crabmeat.

Some other dishes which are available.

It seems like serving coconut at a Japanese buffet is a trend.

This is always served with beef at other places but here, you can choose to have either chicken or beef and the taste remains.

Desserts which failed to attract me. I was too full to have desserts and there was nothing much to be fancied about.

Since i had tried almost everything, the next time i just want to eat repeatedly whatever i think is really delicious. Fried maki. Cheese baked oysters. Skewers. Sukiyaki. I don't mind to save one buck each day for 2 months just to have another visit!


cr3ap said...

OMG! You are making me so hungry looking at those pictures. I love sushi so much especially those raw thick tunas, salmons. Oh, Soft shell crab my favourite. Double tamago, lovely. Fresh big oysters and prawns. Oh my god. I am imagining how lovely it would be to be there now. Takoyaki, seasoned octopus and those skewers is so tempting. Shishamo is quite expensive if ordered in those japanese restaurant like sakae sushi. Now you can eat all you want. That's so lovely. Cheese baked oysters is so nice. But the desserts sure are not tempting enough like in Tenjis though. How much does it cost actually perperson?

Regards from cr3ap

xin said...

wow! look at the fresh oysters!!! love them!!! and, the preggo fish! i am a huge fan of ebiko :D

Shikha said...

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Anonymous said...

I went to Xenri last week. OMG, they have a promotion right now. For every adult you paid, you can bring your father or mother who is above 55 for free!!! Can you imagine, i bring my parents and my girl friend enjoyed the buffet over there and supprise me i only need to pay for 2....

You are advice to make a reservation in advance because there are too crowed, a lot of people are going for thier 1+1 promotion...I be there again