Saturday, February 27, 2010

*~ Porky Friday @ Yut Kee ~*

After reading so many reviews on Restoran Yut Kee at Jalan Dang Wangi, which is one of the oldest kopitiam in town, i managed to try the roast pork there with boyfriend on a public holiday. Phew~ Luckily it was open on that day and there were not so many people.

They actually roll the pork with some i-don't-know-what before roasting. Then, the roast pork will be cut into pieces before serving. It has to be eaten with their homemade apple sauce. One roll of the roast pork costs around RM130; meanwhile, you have to pay RM12 for two slices. Expensive, huh? At least, i tried before.

I felt unpleasant when the roast pork was served to me in an unexpected manner. It should not look like the picture below!

I expected it to be like this since this is what i saw from other reviews! Ishh~ Yes, feeling unsatisfied, i actually went over to the table used to slice the pork to snap some pictures of the roast pork.

Anyway, the pork itself was nice and its texture differed from the usual roast pork we have but i don't think that the apple sauce blended well with the it. Instead, the pork was better with chili sauce.

We also ordered its quite well-known roti babi. I know it sounds impolite but this is really what they call the bread. Filled with pork, crab meat, onion, Chinese sausage, etc, i just found it very oily since the bread was being fried.

We had the Hainanese pork chop as well. Although it could not give me the "umph" i wanted, the gravy was not as diluted as i expected like being commented by other bloggers.

Everything was just average. Nothing to shout. They don't make me crave for them anymore. So, if i happen to be there next time, i will try other items in the menu. No more ordering the same things.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

~* Yuzu @ The Gardens *~

Hohoho! I got to choose what i wanted to eat for lunch today and my colleague paid for it. And, i had chosen Yuzu at The Gardens. Most of the reviews i read were on Yuzu's set meals. So, i decided to give it a try.

My set came with unagi, soba, tempura, chawan mushi, rice that tasted like yau mei fan/lap mei fan with some gingko in it, salad, fruits, miso soup, etc and it was RM42. Because of the varieties, i kept on asking myself, "Oh my God, when can i finish this? When can i finish that?"

Meanwhile, my colleague's set was a little bit different whereby his set had sushi and he was served with a different kind of soup. I think it was RM37 or RM38. I could not remember clearly.

Salmon roes! *Gulp*

I'm experiencing weight gain once more =/

Sunday, February 21, 2010

*~ Kissaten @ Jaya One ~*

Boyfriend took me out for dinner at Kissaten in Jaya One on the 4th day of Chinese New Year as our belated Valentine's dinner because he knew that i really wanted to go there after reading some blog reviews. Thank you, dear...

Cold Ginger Honey (RM5.90).
It tasted like my mum's sweet potato tong sui with ginger soup.

We ordered a side dish, sandwich, main course and dessert. Surprisingly, the main course was served first. Perhaps, the waiter could see our hungry face. Yes, we were terribly hungry the moment we reached there.

Salmon Steak Pasta (RM19.00).
It really gave boyfriend and i a lips-smacking moment! Love the garlic sauce on top of the salmon steak meanwhile the pasta was tossed with olive, onion and pepper. I don't mind having this again during my next visit. So worth it!

Chicken Katsu Sandwich (RM12.90).
Can you see the thick chicken meat in it?! Also in the sandwich was some cabbage and wasabi. The taste was normal but satisfying when biting the piece of chicken in the sandwich.

Stewed Pork Slice (RM6.90).
For those who dislike the strong pork smell, don't bother ordering this. Boyfriend and i agreed that this was average. At least, it was worth trying.

Cheesecake (RM6.90) for dessert!
Sorry to say that i still prefer the cheesecake from San Terri Cottage which is much smoother!

Like the concept of East-meets-West menu at an affordable price range. Argh, can't wait to try their Mentaiko Spaghetti! You can check out their menu here.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

~* Lim's Farewell Dinner *~

Before everyone got very busy during Chinese New Year, i thought it would be a great idea if we had a farewell dinner with Lim who just left to Australia for studies on the 6th day of Chinese New Year. The dinner was at Jia Mei Seafood Steamboat Restaurant, Sunway Mentari on the Thursday right before Chinese New Year.

I always wanted to go there after listening to boyfriend on how he could even fry a Taiwanese sausage there besides having steamboat. Yes, unlimited Taiwanese sausages since it is a buffet style.

Boyfriend did most of the cooking on that evening. Look at what he used to fry the raw ingredients.

Some of the raw ingredients available.

Unlike Yuen Buffet Steamboat Restaurant, Jia Mei offers pork. From the sliced meat to innards and processed food. Beef? Yes, sliced beef - the only beef-y ingredient there.

The girls took pictures while the guys were cooking.

Cooked pork intestine, Taiwanese sausage, luncheon meat, yuk kon/bak gua/dried meat.

Jia Mei provided the customers with butter to fry anything on this metal thingy and we tried cooking:

Garlic Butter Shrimps.

Garlic Butter Scallops with cili padi and lime juice.

Fried lala(!) using the ginger chili sauce provided by the restaurant which was supposed to be dippping sauce.

A group picture is a must!

Our favourite on that evening was black pepper lamb (no picture here) that we had few rounds of it. It was well marinated. Anyway, for seafood steamboat, i would prefer Yuen. Jia Mei has too much of processed food and non-seafood ingredients! Perhaps, they should just cut off the word "seafood" from their name. And the tomyam soup did not taste like tomyam. Instead, it was more to mah laat (spicy) soup.

Total damage was RM21.00 per person inclusive of the Chinese tea we had. Getting there is not a problem if you know the location of Yuen. Assuming you are going there from KL using the Federal highway, you will need to make a U-turn, keep to your left and immediately turn left at the first junction to Sunway Mentari. Then, you will reach to a junction and Yuen will be on your left. But you need to turn right and go all the way straight until you see My Cafe on your left. Turn into that road and Jia Wei is at the same row as My Cafe.

Friday, February 19, 2010

*~ A Wet Thai Cafe @ Yulek ~*

Two weeks ago, mum, boyfriend and i had dinner at A Wet Thai Cafe, Jalan Kansas 3, Taman Yulek after reading some blog reviews on it.

Almost every table had this deep fried kangkung which had to be dipped into the minced pork sauce. The taste of the deep fried kangkung itself was so plain. I don't like it. And the minced pork sauce did not go well with the kangkung. I should have ordered the normal fried veggie instead.

Rather than the usual pineapple fried rice, we had this fried rice which was served with minced pork, mango kerabu, and fried eggs. And yes, the minced pork was very nice but it would be nicer with white rice.

I could not remember the exact price for the above items but if i were not mistaken, they cost below RM10 each. Meanwhile, the green curry with pork meat below is RM16. Nice, but i think it does not worth it by judging its portion and ingredients used.

Believe it or not, on that evening, i liked the water chestnut dessert the most. You usually see red rubies, but here, the rubies are more colourful.

This is a very good place for simple family dinner. So, if you are bored of Chinese food for family dinner, then you can come here.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

~* Penang Trip - Day 3 *~

Nothing much on our third day in Penang. For brunch we went back to the coffee shop which is just a few steps away from the famous cendol for char kuey teow since the one at Lorong Selamat was not available yet. But what attracted us also was the smell of the asam laksa. Since we were running out of time and we had not satisfied our crave for asam laksa yet, we decided to have it there too.

Nothing much to shout about the asam laksa there other than i could ask for more shrimp sauce.

Nothing much to shout about this char kuey teow except for the damn BIG juicy prawns!

Boyfriend is a cendol lover. He just could not resist the temptation!

The view of Penang Road. I know that this picture is damn random here.

We were craving for the satay at Restoran Hanz so much. Yea, both of us really love the satay there that on the first day itself, we had promised to ourselves that we would go there again before leaving Penang. Eventually we did.

Not only we ordered the satay there but we also had loh bak. What matters to me the most when it comes to this dish is the sauce. I just love the sauce.

The nicest gu ling ping i had in Penang was the one here - Restoran Hanz.

I was very grumpy when i found out that i could not have the seafood popiah at Padang Brown because the stall was not ready yet and we did not have the time to wait. Super duper grumpy! Boyfriend was really trying his best to cheer me up. I finally agreed with his suggestion to just go for mamak mee goreng again at Bangkok Lane as our last stop before heading back to his grandpa's house. Oh gosh... I just love the mee goreng. And yea, what we ate on the third day in Penang was quite repetitive.

We also had this apom but it was not what i wanted. I expected it to be sweet but it was salty because of the butter. Grrr.... I don't like it!

Boyfriend and i did not spend so much on this Penang trip as our accommodation was being taken care off - his grandpa's place. We also spent on our bus tickets, petrol for the 30 years old Corona and most importantly, FOOD!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

*~ Penang Trip - Day 2 ~*

Our second day in Penang was all about food and shopping malls. We were quite lazy to wake up in the morning. So, we had brunch rather than breakfast.

We had the famous mamak mee goreng at Bangkok Lane. I read some blog reviews before the trip. Some says nice; some says bad. But to me, it is definitely tastier than the mamak mee goreng in KL and with lots of sotong. As you can see, we ordered the gu ling ping which is like sirap bandung but somehow this is much nicer! However, if you want me to compare gu ling ping at this mee goreng place and Restoran Hanz, i would suggest the one at Restoran Hanz.

Then, we also ordered a plate of wan than (or thun, and i don't know why Penangites love to spell that with a 'h') mee from a stall right outside the mamak mee goreng shop. Boyfriend's grandpa has been eating the wan than mee here and it is his favourite. Springy noodles with lots of char siew but only with two dumplings. That's the bad side. I wish they could have put more dumplings instead of two. However, i don't deny that they were quite generous with the fillings in the dumplings.

We spotted this satay stall along Bangkok Lane that sells pork satay. At first, i thought boyfriend was very greedy for ordering 10 sticks after our heavy brunch. But after that, i did not think so. I could just have one stick at one go.

The sauce was not the usual peanut sauce we have. Rather, it was a type of gravy made of potatoes! But honestly, i prefer the chicken satay from Restoran Hanz. This pork satay just could not give me the 'umph' i wanted. At least, it was something different with pork meat and potato gravy.

Okay. Boyfriend and i wanted to continue our food hunting spree but we decided to go for something light. So, we went to Kafe Genting which is right opposite the field of SMK Hamid Khan for its chee cheong fun and mua chee. Click on the links for more details. Even myself got the details from there before the trip.

Yes, Penang is very famous for its shrimp paste chee cheong fun. However, this was slightly different with when i could taste peanut in the the shrimp paste. A little bit like rojak sauce. It was best eaten with the chili sauce that balanced up the sweet shrimp paste.

Not forgetting the mua chee there. Sooooooooooooooooooo much softer than KL's. It really made a great dessert!

We realised that we could not eat anymore. We really had to walk around to burn the calories. Hence, we headed to Queensbay Mall. It has a roller skating rings with all the youngsters that dressed like the lalas in Sungei Wang. Boyfriend and i managed to get a nice top for each of us from Padini Concept Store; as if there were no Padini Concept Store in KL =_=" Oh well, not every single store will have the exact stocks, anyway.

Ooo.. The dessert we had at the food court. We could not help ourselves from drooling over the food there. We tried to control by having this. It was a very wrong decision. Cheap ice-cream topped with cheap cornflakes that did not have the taste of cornflakes.

Since we had a little bit of time before heading down to Gurney Drive, we stopped at Kedai Makanan Fok Kee (Jalan Kapitan Keling) as per KY's recommendation for its fish maw noodle and nutmeg juice. The nutmeg juice was really refreshing for a hot sunny day. Something new for us.

Besides the noodle which was made of fish paste, other ingredients used in this bowl of 'noodle' were fish balls, fish maws, beancurds, pork and garnished with fried shallots. Really really worth trying! If i happen to be in Penang again, i will definitely go back to have this.

Dinner time! But we were extremely full! But... but... we still chose to eat at Gurney Drive! So, we only had the pasembur and also the fried oyster. Pasembur at Gurney Drive was like the Chinese loh bak whereby we could choose whatever ingredients we wanted. So happened that boyfriend chose the fried squid and i loved it so much though my skin allergy was getting worse on that day itself.

The fried oyster. Oh well, the one i had at Gottlieb Street for dinner on the first day was better than this. I wished it could be more starchy and less eggie.

Boyfriend said that he would stop eating after dinner. But he failed. Because after shopping at Gurney Drive Plaza, he brought me to Greenhouse @ Jalan Burma for loh mee as per Uncle Gary's recommendation for supper. The basic loh mee contained only an egg and shrimps. As more ingredients (roast pork and pork intestine) were added, we were charged additional RM1 for each ingredient.

The seller called the noodle as (thin) yellow mee and it was not the big fat alkaline noodle. Also, people actually have the choice of mixing both yellow mee and bihun (rice vermicelli) together. Again, different than the loh mee in KL, right?

Monday, February 8, 2010

~* Penang Trip - Day 1 *~

Phew... Finally i have some time to blog about the Penang Trip. We took the earliest Plusliner bus (7.30 a.m.) at the Old Train Station. Boyfriend and i were so surprised to know that we would be going to Penang in a double decker coach. Wooo.... it was so comfortable and with so few passengers, we could sit wherever we wanted!Because of so few passengers also, we reached Penang way earlier than expected since the toilet break was cut short too.

Boyfriend's Uncle Gary picked us up from the bus terminal and we immediately went for lunch together at Restoran Hanz which is near Lam Wah Ee Hospital. Since Penang is quite well known for its yam rice, i wanted to have a try. But i felt disappointed because it tasted like my mum's lap mei fan. And there was nothing much about the peppery soup.

Boyfriend ordered a large plate of char kuey teow with duck egg. Uncle Gary told us that he shouldn't have ordered large because the taste would not be there so much. To me, it was okay since i could not tell the difference between a plate of char kuey teow with duck egg and chicken egg.

Yummy. The satay was the best during the lunch. No peanut sauce is needed because the sauce is already on and in the meat. No cucumber, no onion, no ketupat rice. Suddenly i recalled that i had this many years ago when i was still a kid. Yes, i remember that i enjoyed eating this satay while mum and the rest busy buying ang ku next door.

Uncle Gary also ordered a plate of duck rice with all the meat and innards. It tasted very nice too especially when i love to eat innards. (Oops) But i did not take a picture of it. Well, i could not be so impolite especially when meeting Uncle Gary for the first time, taking all the pictures of the food.

After boyfriend and i put our bags at his grandpa's house, we went exploring Penang on our own using his grandpa's 30-year-old Corona. Since we had a heavy meal for lunch, boyfriend and i decided to have snacks or desserts. So, we dropped by Kek Seng Coffee Shop for its homemade durian ice-cream ais kacang. It was even served with jelly!

Although we came for the durian dessert, i love the pie tee even more with the egg and a little bit of the Thai chili sauce on top of it.

Crunchy on the outside and crunchy on the inside!

My colleagues asked me to help them to buy jeruk from any shop located along the Penang Road which is a walking distance from Kek Seng Coffee Shop. Then, boyfriend spotted this Penang Road Famous Teochew cendol. He just loves cendol.

I don't really like eating those green worms and red beans but i love drinking the santan gula melaka water. I almost finished everything except for the worms and beans for boyfriend.

By the time we walked around Prangin Mall and Penang Road, we only had one and half hour before dinner but we could not go anywhere because it was Thaipusam eve and almost everywhere was jammed. We decided to go back and wait for family dinner together with boyfriend's grandpa and some other relatives. Hell nervous... We ended up having dinner at those hawker stalls at Jalan Gottlieb which is opposite Penang Chinese Girl's High School. No pictures from the dinner because, again, i did not want to be impolite.

After dinner, boyfriend and i were at the Batu Ferringhi Bazaar. It's damn long and something like Petaling Street in KL with all the fake branded bags. The 'worst' thing is you can get pirated DVDs for RM4 each, buy 5 and get another 1 for free.

Uncle Gary also recommended us to have a drink at Sunset Bistro where you can chill out at the beach while enjoying the sound of the sea, the breeze and also the starry night besides having all the ang moh cursing the F word in every sentence. A pleasant ending for our first day in Penang. And yea, we ordered a fruit punch that was served in a very huge and tall glass. Thank God we planned to order one drink first.