Tuesday, February 2, 2010

*~ Dinner @ Pak Hailam ~*

Hohoho... I was being a super nice girl yesterday when after meeting boyfriend, i accompanied mum to do her shopping and also went for dinner together with her. She insisted to dine at Pak Hailam since i always told her how good it is compared to Old Town (except for the French Toast which Pak Hailam does not have).

She heard from my neighbour that an ang moh ordered for the second bowl of curry laksa after he did not have enough. So, she wanted to see how good is the curry laksa. She thinks that the curry laksa is alright. But i personally don't really like it because i could not feel the "umph" unless i add in the belacan. And i prefer the Chinese curry laksa with pig skin. Yum yum... Oh well, at least Pak Hailam curry laksa does not contain too much of coconut milk.

We also ordered a black pepper lamb chop. It was huge and thick and so affordable! It made me over satisfied with my dinner! Bigger and thicker than most of the restaurants that serves lamb chop.

And do you know that the kampung mee goreng is so nice? Yes, i tried before and i don't mind trying it again but before that, i would like to try the hailam mee first!


craxgrl said...

wher is pak hailam?

Autumn said...

pak hailam is at sungei wang. but i don't know about other branches