Friday, February 19, 2010

*~ A Wet Thai Cafe @ Yulek ~*

Two weeks ago, mum, boyfriend and i had dinner at A Wet Thai Cafe, Jalan Kansas 3, Taman Yulek after reading some blog reviews on it.

Almost every table had this deep fried kangkung which had to be dipped into the minced pork sauce. The taste of the deep fried kangkung itself was so plain. I don't like it. And the minced pork sauce did not go well with the kangkung. I should have ordered the normal fried veggie instead.

Rather than the usual pineapple fried rice, we had this fried rice which was served with minced pork, mango kerabu, and fried eggs. And yes, the minced pork was very nice but it would be nicer with white rice.

I could not remember the exact price for the above items but if i were not mistaken, they cost below RM10 each. Meanwhile, the green curry with pork meat below is RM16. Nice, but i think it does not worth it by judging its portion and ingredients used.

Believe it or not, on that evening, i liked the water chestnut dessert the most. You usually see red rubies, but here, the rubies are more colourful.

This is a very good place for simple family dinner. So, if you are bored of Chinese food for family dinner, then you can come here.

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