Thursday, February 18, 2010

~* Penang Trip - Day 3 *~

Nothing much on our third day in Penang. For brunch we went back to the coffee shop which is just a few steps away from the famous cendol for char kuey teow since the one at Lorong Selamat was not available yet. But what attracted us also was the smell of the asam laksa. Since we were running out of time and we had not satisfied our crave for asam laksa yet, we decided to have it there too.

Nothing much to shout about the asam laksa there other than i could ask for more shrimp sauce.

Nothing much to shout about this char kuey teow except for the damn BIG juicy prawns!

Boyfriend is a cendol lover. He just could not resist the temptation!

The view of Penang Road. I know that this picture is damn random here.

We were craving for the satay at Restoran Hanz so much. Yea, both of us really love the satay there that on the first day itself, we had promised to ourselves that we would go there again before leaving Penang. Eventually we did.

Not only we ordered the satay there but we also had loh bak. What matters to me the most when it comes to this dish is the sauce. I just love the sauce.

The nicest gu ling ping i had in Penang was the one here - Restoran Hanz.

I was very grumpy when i found out that i could not have the seafood popiah at Padang Brown because the stall was not ready yet and we did not have the time to wait. Super duper grumpy! Boyfriend was really trying his best to cheer me up. I finally agreed with his suggestion to just go for mamak mee goreng again at Bangkok Lane as our last stop before heading back to his grandpa's house. Oh gosh... I just love the mee goreng. And yea, what we ate on the third day in Penang was quite repetitive.

We also had this apom but it was not what i wanted. I expected it to be sweet but it was salty because of the butter. Grrr.... I don't like it!

Boyfriend and i did not spend so much on this Penang trip as our accommodation was being taken care off - his grandpa's place. We also spent on our bus tickets, petrol for the 30 years old Corona and most importantly, FOOD!

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