Monday, February 8, 2010

~* Penang Trip - Day 1 *~

Phew... Finally i have some time to blog about the Penang Trip. We took the earliest Plusliner bus (7.30 a.m.) at the Old Train Station. Boyfriend and i were so surprised to know that we would be going to Penang in a double decker coach. Wooo.... it was so comfortable and with so few passengers, we could sit wherever we wanted!Because of so few passengers also, we reached Penang way earlier than expected since the toilet break was cut short too.

Boyfriend's Uncle Gary picked us up from the bus terminal and we immediately went for lunch together at Restoran Hanz which is near Lam Wah Ee Hospital. Since Penang is quite well known for its yam rice, i wanted to have a try. But i felt disappointed because it tasted like my mum's lap mei fan. And there was nothing much about the peppery soup.

Boyfriend ordered a large plate of char kuey teow with duck egg. Uncle Gary told us that he shouldn't have ordered large because the taste would not be there so much. To me, it was okay since i could not tell the difference between a plate of char kuey teow with duck egg and chicken egg.

Yummy. The satay was the best during the lunch. No peanut sauce is needed because the sauce is already on and in the meat. No cucumber, no onion, no ketupat rice. Suddenly i recalled that i had this many years ago when i was still a kid. Yes, i remember that i enjoyed eating this satay while mum and the rest busy buying ang ku next door.

Uncle Gary also ordered a plate of duck rice with all the meat and innards. It tasted very nice too especially when i love to eat innards. (Oops) But i did not take a picture of it. Well, i could not be so impolite especially when meeting Uncle Gary for the first time, taking all the pictures of the food.

After boyfriend and i put our bags at his grandpa's house, we went exploring Penang on our own using his grandpa's 30-year-old Corona. Since we had a heavy meal for lunch, boyfriend and i decided to have snacks or desserts. So, we dropped by Kek Seng Coffee Shop for its homemade durian ice-cream ais kacang. It was even served with jelly!

Although we came for the durian dessert, i love the pie tee even more with the egg and a little bit of the Thai chili sauce on top of it.

Crunchy on the outside and crunchy on the inside!

My colleagues asked me to help them to buy jeruk from any shop located along the Penang Road which is a walking distance from Kek Seng Coffee Shop. Then, boyfriend spotted this Penang Road Famous Teochew cendol. He just loves cendol.

I don't really like eating those green worms and red beans but i love drinking the santan gula melaka water. I almost finished everything except for the worms and beans for boyfriend.

By the time we walked around Prangin Mall and Penang Road, we only had one and half hour before dinner but we could not go anywhere because it was Thaipusam eve and almost everywhere was jammed. We decided to go back and wait for family dinner together with boyfriend's grandpa and some other relatives. Hell nervous... We ended up having dinner at those hawker stalls at Jalan Gottlieb which is opposite Penang Chinese Girl's High School. No pictures from the dinner because, again, i did not want to be impolite.

After dinner, boyfriend and i were at the Batu Ferringhi Bazaar. It's damn long and something like Petaling Street in KL with all the fake branded bags. The 'worst' thing is you can get pirated DVDs for RM4 each, buy 5 and get another 1 for free.

Uncle Gary also recommended us to have a drink at Sunset Bistro where you can chill out at the beach while enjoying the sound of the sea, the breeze and also the starry night besides having all the ang moh cursing the F word in every sentence. A pleasant ending for our first day in Penang. And yea, we ordered a fruit punch that was served in a very huge and tall glass. Thank God we planned to order one drink first.

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