Saturday, February 13, 2010

*~ Penang Trip - Day 2 ~*

Our second day in Penang was all about food and shopping malls. We were quite lazy to wake up in the morning. So, we had brunch rather than breakfast.

We had the famous mamak mee goreng at Bangkok Lane. I read some blog reviews before the trip. Some says nice; some says bad. But to me, it is definitely tastier than the mamak mee goreng in KL and with lots of sotong. As you can see, we ordered the gu ling ping which is like sirap bandung but somehow this is much nicer! However, if you want me to compare gu ling ping at this mee goreng place and Restoran Hanz, i would suggest the one at Restoran Hanz.

Then, we also ordered a plate of wan than (or thun, and i don't know why Penangites love to spell that with a 'h') mee from a stall right outside the mamak mee goreng shop. Boyfriend's grandpa has been eating the wan than mee here and it is his favourite. Springy noodles with lots of char siew but only with two dumplings. That's the bad side. I wish they could have put more dumplings instead of two. However, i don't deny that they were quite generous with the fillings in the dumplings.

We spotted this satay stall along Bangkok Lane that sells pork satay. At first, i thought boyfriend was very greedy for ordering 10 sticks after our heavy brunch. But after that, i did not think so. I could just have one stick at one go.

The sauce was not the usual peanut sauce we have. Rather, it was a type of gravy made of potatoes! But honestly, i prefer the chicken satay from Restoran Hanz. This pork satay just could not give me the 'umph' i wanted. At least, it was something different with pork meat and potato gravy.

Okay. Boyfriend and i wanted to continue our food hunting spree but we decided to go for something light. So, we went to Kafe Genting which is right opposite the field of SMK Hamid Khan for its chee cheong fun and mua chee. Click on the links for more details. Even myself got the details from there before the trip.

Yes, Penang is very famous for its shrimp paste chee cheong fun. However, this was slightly different with when i could taste peanut in the the shrimp paste. A little bit like rojak sauce. It was best eaten with the chili sauce that balanced up the sweet shrimp paste.

Not forgetting the mua chee there. Sooooooooooooooooooo much softer than KL's. It really made a great dessert!

We realised that we could not eat anymore. We really had to walk around to burn the calories. Hence, we headed to Queensbay Mall. It has a roller skating rings with all the youngsters that dressed like the lalas in Sungei Wang. Boyfriend and i managed to get a nice top for each of us from Padini Concept Store; as if there were no Padini Concept Store in KL =_=" Oh well, not every single store will have the exact stocks, anyway.

Ooo.. The dessert we had at the food court. We could not help ourselves from drooling over the food there. We tried to control by having this. It was a very wrong decision. Cheap ice-cream topped with cheap cornflakes that did not have the taste of cornflakes.

Since we had a little bit of time before heading down to Gurney Drive, we stopped at Kedai Makanan Fok Kee (Jalan Kapitan Keling) as per KY's recommendation for its fish maw noodle and nutmeg juice. The nutmeg juice was really refreshing for a hot sunny day. Something new for us.

Besides the noodle which was made of fish paste, other ingredients used in this bowl of 'noodle' were fish balls, fish maws, beancurds, pork and garnished with fried shallots. Really really worth trying! If i happen to be in Penang again, i will definitely go back to have this.

Dinner time! But we were extremely full! But... but... we still chose to eat at Gurney Drive! So, we only had the pasembur and also the fried oyster. Pasembur at Gurney Drive was like the Chinese loh bak whereby we could choose whatever ingredients we wanted. So happened that boyfriend chose the fried squid and i loved it so much though my skin allergy was getting worse on that day itself.

The fried oyster. Oh well, the one i had at Gottlieb Street for dinner on the first day was better than this. I wished it could be more starchy and less eggie.

Boyfriend said that he would stop eating after dinner. But he failed. Because after shopping at Gurney Drive Plaza, he brought me to Greenhouse @ Jalan Burma for loh mee as per Uncle Gary's recommendation for supper. The basic loh mee contained only an egg and shrimps. As more ingredients (roast pork and pork intestine) were added, we were charged additional RM1 for each ingredient.

The seller called the noodle as (thin) yellow mee and it was not the big fat alkaline noodle. Also, people actually have the choice of mixing both yellow mee and bihun (rice vermicelli) together. Again, different than the loh mee in KL, right?


Demon said...

walau! looks like a mega makan2 trip! damn.. i miss penang. Didnt go back for CNY this year...

Autumn said...

lol. not even mega yet! you can always go back to Penang anytime. If you love eating, going to Penang not on Chinese New Year will be great. Otherwise, you can't really enjoy the food much because too many stalls are close.