Thursday, July 31, 2008

*~ Lovin' My New Darling ~*

I bought my new bag from Esprit! New bag for new semester! But i was quite disppointed when Chocolate Lounge @ Pavilion was launching today with Pussycat Dolls as special guest and i did not get the chance to attend! I really want to try out at Chocolate Lounge after i waited for it for so long. At the same time, i am disappointed too for not getting the Adidas handbag. I should have got that! The price is really reasonable! (But, why did not i get it, huh?) So many things to buy, so little money.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

~* Time For Assignments! *~

Whee~ College has started and i am soooo okay with it. Timetable is good. It is nice. At least it is better than ALL the previous semesters that i had. I have more free time but i am sure those free time is going to be used for assignments and studies, knowing that the subjects are getting more complex.

Gavin is so-called changed. Taking notes with his laptop. Attending and staying awake in every single class. There's a trick behind it. You think he is really taking notes and so good to stay awake in every single class? Nahhhh... You wish! It's because he can still use the laptop to CHAT and SURF THE NET!

The only thing which i am disappointed with is how i see more XXs than XYs. Being one of the earliest people to get into every class, i could see the people who were entering and i told my friend, "Yerr.... Why getting more and more XXs? Where are those XYs?"

This is just the first week of college and it is time to start with the ASSIGNMENTS! No no.. It is not too fast. The questions are out and all of them have to be passed up somewhere in August!

Monday, July 28, 2008

*~ Sam's Convocation ~*

It was Sam's convocation on Sunday! Being a good friend for a very long time, together with other friends, i attended the convocation though it had nothing much to do with us. Eh wait! We did not really go into the hall and look at her receiving her graduation certificate. Eh wait! She did not receive the certificate on that day. She just received that thingy only (which we called a "baton") which supposed to have the certificate inside! She has to wait another three months before she gets the REAL certificate.

From left: Lisa, Me, Sam, Ayumi, Teddy and the guy is Reuben.

From left: Me, Lisa, Sam, Jean, Daniel, Reuben again...

Group picture by Daniel.
From left: Jean, Ayumi, Teddy, Me, Lisa, Sam.
Two guys at the back from left: Sim and Reuben.

While Sam went to look around for her friends to take pictures, we were waiting for her at the canteen and "syok sendiri".
Oh well, the day was seriously very hot that i could cook an egg on top of my head.

Finally, when we had the chance to leave the college and go for lunch, we went to SSL to eat Pan Mee.
My herbal soup Pan Mee.
Supposed that people go there to have the Spicy Pan Mee but seriously i had no idea what to eat and thus i just followed what the people nearest to me were eating.
Such a big portion that i could not finish and i had to give half to other. =_="

Hohoho.... Shopping time at Sunway. Yesh! Sunway Pyramid.
All the way from Wangsa Maju to Sunway.
We are that GREAT!
I know...
While waiting for the rest to finish trying the clothes, i actually...



Saturday, July 26, 2008

~* Lovin' People Around Me *~

Yesterday was my last day at work and it is time to back to college next week!
I really do not know what i should post here about work.
Too many things!
But, i know that the past three months had been really GREAT for me.
Everyone really cared for me.
Even with my personal life.
(Too much shopping; Too much food)

*~ Banana Mango Roll ~*

Browsing my pictures folder earlier, i realised that i did not post a picture in the post Burpie. Here it is:

It is called Banana Mango Roll. The filling includes banana, mango, prawn and fish paste. It is being deep- fried and then, topped with sesame seeds. Get this from Vietnam Kitchen at Food Republic, Pavilion.

The following picture shows the dessert i had at a dinner on Wednesday. The main focus here is not the red bean dessert, even though the taste was real damn good and not too sweet, but it is the lotus paste pancake which i look forward in those 8-course, 9-course or 10-course meal dinner.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

~* Camwhoring With Choc *~

Cadbury GOLD!

But, it is not mine...

It is for somebody else.

*Sob sob~ *

Look at me.

So sad....

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

*~ The Sentimental Me ~*

"Aside from acquiring a bf, lol, I found a friend when I least expected to.CHIN KIT MUN! You must open eyes WIDE WIDE when you see this."

This quote is from Poh Sze's blog again. I'm touched. *Sob sob* Like she said, it is unexpected. I still remember when both of us were in the same class for Form One. She was damn noisy with her vulgar words flying here and there in the air. For sometimes, we even like, "Shaddap laaa.... Poh Sze!" Then we were not that close anymore until Form 4 when we sort of like formed a gang with the others. Still, that did not tie our bond stronger. Not like today.

Today, or i should say recently, i have been very close to her. Going out with her. Chatting with her. Sharing our thoughts. I never expected to do all these with her before this. Never ever. And, i am glad for what has happened between both of us.

[By the way, she did not have to put my full name there. =_="]

I went to Mid Valley for lunch today. When i came up from the car park, i saw Robinsons which really reminded me of the Pierre Cardin wallet i saw on Sunday. Then, it led my thought to think about my dear Poh Sze .

I told my colleague on how Robinsons reminded me of the wallet. Of course, i also realised that the price is reasonable for a Pierre Cardin wallet. I even told my colleague that i am getting broke at the same time since i have a few birthday celebrations to attend and all of them are really my good friends! Also, i mentioned about the Esprit bag which i really *Heart*.

Then, i was being asked to choose between thePierre Cardin wallet anddinner at Tamarind Springs for my farewell. Instantly, my reply was,

"Are you sure?"
"Yes, it is going to be a dinner. Oh well. Dinner is better."
"You have until Thursday to think."
"Yes, I am sure dinner is the best. I rather invest by my own into the wallet. Do you know why?" "Why?"
"A gift. You just give it like this and that's it. Dinner. At least i can spend time with a friend before i leave the firm."

The Sentimental Me. :D

Sunday, July 20, 2008

~* Little Money For Many Things *~

Yeshh~ I went out again today and this time, it was with Poh Sze. Before this, we planned to go out today and she changed it to next Sunday with the reason, "A lot of people going out on Sunday".

When i woke up this morning, i questioned myself,"Changing from this Sunday to next Sunday with the reason that a lot of people are going out on Sunday? Huh...? It does not mean none is going out on next Sunday". Thus, i gave her a call to drag her out.

I introduced Sushi Zanmai to her and she likes it! Like she said in her blog, "Nice place, tasty food, affordable price!Compared to Sushi King, Sakae Sushi, this is definitely better and more worth the money".

Like she further stated in her blog, "Stupid Kit Mun had us going back to the same place twice in Robinsons, because she couldn't decide whether she wanted to buy the wallet or not. Scooted here there". The wallets were too nice! Pierre Cardin!

Sha also stated, "Sei Kit Mun in the end didn't buy anything, nor did I". I just could not decide and the things i want to buy are way too expensive. I still need to consult my mum's opinion.

Poh Sze left me alone in the evening and i decided to continue walking around. And i saw this bag from Esprit. I *HEART* IT SO MUCH! Again, it is the price problem. I really need to consult my mum. I don't want to just buy it and let me being chopped or turned into minced meat after that.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

*~ Burpie ~*

It had been a long since my last time dining at Sunny Beach (Yeung Kwong). It used to be our hang out spot after school. Last two weeks, we decided to come here again to check out their food and beverages after few years.

I was the first one to be there and later joined by Pui Yen. We were (or should i say i was) so hungry that we ordered:

Sam Si Lang Min (Cold Noodle with 3-Types of Shreds)
The Shreds included carrot, cucumber and chicken.
Many of my friends didn't love this but i loved this because of its secret sauce.
You see, i use the word "loved".
Yeah~ I used to love this but not anymore since it was not that delicious like last time.

Whee~ Then, Pui Yee came all the way from Kajang (without buying satay) after her exam.
Look at her panda eyes.
Pity her.
She did not sleep at all the night before just to study for her exam.
Good girl.
By the way, she is my best friend since primary school and she stays near my house. :)

Phooi Jean and her boy boy were the last who came to join us.
Pity her boy boy.
He had to be the photographer.
*Who care?*
*Phooi Jean cares laaaa......*

And, we started to order FOOD AND BEVERAGES...!!!
Orange fish rice.
It was worse than last time because they really used fish fillet last time and not the damn fishcakes.

Oat toast with a layer of condensed milk before they topped the toast with oat.
Like those pieces of paints scrapped off from the wall and dropped on the damn toast.

Potato cheese balls.
Mashed potato with cheese filling and coated with bread crumbs before they deep fried those.
Not that nice anymore like last time.
The potato was getting thicker and the cheese filling was lesser. :(

Pui Yee was trying to hide her panda eyes from Phooi Jean's camera.
She did not want to take pictures with her panda eyes.

We headed to Pavilion after that without Phooi Jean and boy boy. Sob sob...
However, Phooi Jean was still kind enough to drop us at Pavilion despite the jam.
Trying out sandals at NOSE, Sungai Wang!
(Look at the pathetic Pui Yen sitting and having Pui Yee's bag on her laps)

And, i did buy a pair of sandals. =_="

Let me end this post with the camwhoring pictures of me.

Pretty me.

Haha... Fine... I am getting more "perasan".

~The "Perasan" Me~

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

~* Look RIGHT In Front Of You! *~

Someone just does not realise that he is losing his very best friend while he is trying to fit in so badly into new circlesssss. I still remembered when last time he was so afraid of losing his friends since friends are his life. Oh well, he never scares of losing his partner in his life. He always taught and told me what to do so that i could still keep in touch with friends since he always thinks he does it well already.

However, i am wondering if he feels tired of trying to fit in so badly until he hurts people around him and does things which he actually does not like or has no interest in it. This makes me realise one point, "What's the point of keep getting new friends like doing collection when someone just can't maintain the existing ones next to him?"

I am glad that though i don't CONSTANTLY making new friends, i still have the existing ones and i get to maintain them. After few years, we still can chat with each other, go out with each other, or even supporting each other!

It's time to repent, dude.

Monday, July 14, 2008

*~ A [D]iu [N]ia [S]ing Affair ~*

Wahh~ McD's Lord of The Rings Onion Rings!
But still, A&W's one is nicer!

Yeshhh~ I went out on Sunday as well to meet with Poh Sze, Wei Mun and Lee Miin.
Wei Mun was my "neighbour" in class for two years in the row.
Poh Sze, the one who posted the DNS affair in her blog.
Lee Miin, the one who talks on the phone with the family members as if she is talking to the boyfriend. =_="

After we dumped Wei Mun at Hair Index for a haircut, the rest of us went to MNG since i wanted to get some clothes. I did! I did! I managed to get:

A top from MNG.
A skirt from MNG.
A pair of jeans from Giordano.
A pair of socks from Giordano.

~Really burned a hole in my wallet~

For the rest of the entry, u can read it from Poh Sze's blog by clicking on "DNS affair".

Let me quote something from Poh Sze's blog which really leaves me feeling flattered:

"As she was walking towards us, I sensed there was this ladylike air around her. A womanly aura perhaps. LOL. Okay. Let's be serious now. But really, after so long not meeting her, she's prettier than before! Not that she wasnt pretty all these while, but prettier is better than pretty right? At least she had flawless complexion :( Sob sob. Lol. Okay, and she had on eyeliner too. Leng ah! Haha. And her hair was tied up into a neat bun of some sort? All in all, jeng la girl! Haha. Dont worry about guys la. Sure they'll be lining up until 9 streets =D"

"Went to...let's see. Giordano and saw these two jeans. She tried it on and went three sizes down!"

(Kenapa? Tak percaya kah? Haha~)

~* Japanese Affair *~

I met up with Pui Yen on Saturday and together, we watched Wanted (Yesshh~Finally!) but the movie was not that nice. Not exciting enough.

Upon her request, we went to Ichiban Boshi for lunch. One of my favourite sushi there. Topped with a small slice of cheese~

My favourite! Soba~ Since this soba is green in colour, to be exact, this is green tea soba.

All the lala wannabes are migrating to Pavilion.

We saw a lot of people surrounding the models and we went there to take a look.
It was Philosophy Men having its fashion show-off. =_="
Pui Yen and i got to snap photos with the posers.
(I did not bother about them but i just wanted to take a nice picture with my dear friend.)
Hey! I look pretty in the picture, by the way.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

*~ Make Yourself At Home ~*

One of the reasons i like to work in this firm because i really treat that place as my home sometimes. I worked over time yesterday and after 6, i rest myself at the long bench in the living room (Or, should i say at the reception area?) while enjoying the drink made by Amena, the tea lady. Yea~ I got the thought to camwhore again.

Faizal joined in the session with me. Yesterday was his last day and he is going to start his new job at Pusat Perubatan Universiti Malaya. All the best, dude.

I look chubby, right?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

~* Kermit *~

This quote is from Poh Sze's blog.

"I've kissed many frogs before. I wonder when will I meet my prince after all?"

A very good one from Poh Sze. :D
But i feel like changing it into my way, my life.

"I had seen many frogs that i thought would be my prince. Yeah~ And most of them did turn into a prince to me in my heart, but not for long. Still a frog after that (or half prince?). When can i just a meet a prince and stay in the palace and enjoy my life?"

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

*~ Pay Raise ~*

I know i should not do this.

But, i am really desperate for a new laptop and a new camera!


(Please don't come to me after this. :P)

*Pray hard that he reads this without chasing after me later on and willing to give me extra few hundreds bucks*

Look! I am really desperate though i know most probably that he won't be reading this!

Me, the Ridiculous Bitch!

*~ To Work or Not To Work ~*

By reading the title, i bet you can guess what is my dilemma right now. I'm still considering when is my last day. There are tonnes (fine. it is a bit exaggerating.) of pros and cons that i have to think of. Let's see what happen if i decide to stop working earlier:

  • I can get the rest i want before college starts.
  • I am able to go for a short trip with friends.

  • Being paid lesser for salary than i am supposed to get. I'm still poor, okay? I am not paid for working overtime. (However, i still don't hesitate to work overtime because of the good sense of achievement.)
  • I'm going to miss the people i am working with. :( Again, i know you all must be thinking, "Stupid girl! You can go back to visit them anytime you want!" But, i just want to spend more time with them mahhh.... As if i am going to die laaa.... Can i?

Also, i don't have the motivation to work anymore. I'm exhausted!

Honestly, i don't feel like studying and i don't feel like working too! Can i just marry to a rich guy and willing to spend on me (No point for getting a stingy rich guy. Pointless.) ? Or just let me strike in lottery?Soooooo fuck up with my life.

*Bitchslap myself* "Stop whining about your life, bitch! Some people are even more fucked up!"


Motivate me to work, please!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

~* Night Dim Sum Session *~

After meeting Zhi Wen for a drinking session at Starbucks, i went to Sri Petaling for night dim sum session. Matthew is going to Australia on Wednesday to further his studies. It is a necessity to see him before he goes. Who else were there? Hmm~ Me, Joyie, Gideon, Matthew, Samuel, and another 3 guys whom i don't know. Few of my other friends could not make it for the dinner. So sad~
Matthew! The guy with the afro hair!

Especially Sharon. How could she not be there? Matthew is leaving soon. I guess Matthew already had a candlelight dinner with her or he is going to do that soon. To be fair, is Matthew going to do the same to his mistresses? His Seak Ling and Wei-I? Let's see. This paragraph is totally untrue :D

Joyie and Samuel are leaving soon too on the 19th. So does Divyesh who is leaving on the 24th. Owhhh~ :( Thank God that i am still having Sharon, Seak Ling who are not following their husband to Australia and Gavin (What?!!! Gavin?!! Oh no~! [Kidding!]) in my course and taking the same major as me.

Stupid Matthew and Samuel. When ordering the dim sum, they went like, "Two for this. Two for that. Double. Double," while pointing here and there at the dim sum. We were experiencing food overload. Oh well, never mind. We still had fun there.

A personal note to myself: You have tried it. It's time to stop and don't go any deeper. :)

*~ Re-camwhoring ~*

Wahhh~ Baby Milo Dinasour arrr....
I know you must be thinking, "Stupid Girl! You can even make this drink at home! Just top the drink with more Milo powder! That's it!"
I was too thirsty at that time and i felt like drinking something which was sweet and the only drink i could think of at that place was this.

Speedy is insulting the Chinese Male singers! Yerrr~ Leo Ku is there too. :(
By the way, i really want the two Leo Ku's albums laaa....
I haven't buy them yet!!!!

Okay. It had been a long time since i last camwhored.
Thus, here i am again!

Two of the camwhoring pictures are enough here though i took TONNES of them.

Okay. Pavilion had a launch for sale.

They looked like clowns to me, but at the same time, they also reminded me the Triangels.
Fine! I camwhored again!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

~* A Quite Ouch-ing Chat *~

While i was chatting with Jun Jun vide MSN about our life currently, an not-so-ouch-ing conversation had occured:

"Jun Jun"
"Mun Mun"
"Haha~ How are you, dude?"
"Okay laa.... How about you?"
"Okay okay also lorr.... Always work, work and work."
"Until when?"
"Then for weekends, i keep on finding activities to occupy myself. I work until end of this month. After that, my second year will start."
"For weekends you go for dating mahhh. I know."
"I broke up with him already for 2 months."
"Err... But my friends said they saw you guys at Mid Valley. Sorry. I don't know."
"Then the girl was definitely not me. I am not so lucky anymore."

Yer... A bit of heartache lerr... :(

*~ Not-So-Merry-Go-Round ~*

The following is the conversation i had with Awesome (He asked me to put his name this way =_=") who was once very close to me:

After knowing that i had started the relationship with my ex, how did u feel?

What? Before i answer that, why do you want to know? Will it satisfy your needs?

Because i'm having problem here which is holding me back from getting over him completely. It's due to my kiasu-ness and the fact that i'm being dumped.

What am i got to do with this? Haha~ this is weird.

Just asking laaa...

If you really want to know, it was pissing me off. How did i feel? I felt shitty. So shitty. I lost myself. I was so pissed because everyone that knows you and me came up to me and told me about it. I knew it last. Ooh... and so blardy disappointed because it was quite fast right after our incident. Lol... Then, i revamped my mind so i did not waste my time thinking of you because it was not worth it.

See it? Until i had to ask someone for his experience. From the guy i once hurt! Pai seh~ It's God's intention. God says, "You had once dumped a guy first. Now, it's your turn being dumped. You might also need to accept your ex's new girlfriend in future. Now, go and prepare yourself for that. Take all these as a pinch of salt to your life." Thus, i ended up asking Awesome since last time, he had to accept the fact that i had started another relationship soon after our issue.

Yeah~ Hopefully, i can really get over this and take everything as a pinch of salt.

By the way, if i had really involved in a relationship with Awesome, i could tell he was going to pamper me like nobody's business based on his characteristics. Muahahahh~ But, we are remained as good friends until now.

Friday, July 4, 2008

~* Many Thoughts At Once *~

What a boring relaxing Friday i am having. It's better for me not to elaborate further on this or else i will be loaded with works for the following weeks. Oh yeah~ Since morning, i had been eating and drinking on average of every 3 hours.

I have another 3 weeks to go before college starts and i don't feel like studying anymore. I don't feel like working either. Stupid thought, right? I know. You don't have to remind me of that.

Two days ago, i was aware that my 20th birthday will fall on a Friday. Hey, i really hope to have a great wild night celebration this year. At the same time, it is on a Friday. Thus, whatelse besides enjoying after a week of study or a week of work?

I'm looking for sponsorship, people. Yeshh~ I'm really looking for SPONSORSHIP. I want to invest in a laptop or a camera or, even better, BOTH. The camera i am eyeing on is the latest Fujifilm J10 (RM699.00), meanwhile the laptop i want either the HP Mini Notebook and Lenovo Y410 (Both also cost around RM2,000.00).

Oh my God, i have no plan for these Saturday and Sunday? I can't believe it! Ishh~ Oh no, it means i have to do my shopping ALONE? Damn it! Yerr.... Why no plan wann...!!! *Nudge, nudge, nudge*

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

*~ My Words, My Life ~*

I have to stand strong & tough.
I must live better than you.
I won't allow you to look down on me.
I can't let you look at the awful me.
Yes, i can't lose my
just because of you!