Wednesday, July 30, 2008

~* Time For Assignments! *~

Whee~ College has started and i am soooo okay with it. Timetable is good. It is nice. At least it is better than ALL the previous semesters that i had. I have more free time but i am sure those free time is going to be used for assignments and studies, knowing that the subjects are getting more complex.

Gavin is so-called changed. Taking notes with his laptop. Attending and staying awake in every single class. There's a trick behind it. You think he is really taking notes and so good to stay awake in every single class? Nahhhh... You wish! It's because he can still use the laptop to CHAT and SURF THE NET!

The only thing which i am disappointed with is how i see more XXs than XYs. Being one of the earliest people to get into every class, i could see the people who were entering and i told my friend, "Yerr.... Why getting more and more XXs? Where are those XYs?"

This is just the first week of college and it is time to start with the ASSIGNMENTS! No no.. It is not too fast. The questions are out and all of them have to be passed up somewhere in August!

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