Sunday, July 20, 2008

~* Little Money For Many Things *~

Yeshh~ I went out again today and this time, it was with Poh Sze. Before this, we planned to go out today and she changed it to next Sunday with the reason, "A lot of people going out on Sunday".

When i woke up this morning, i questioned myself,"Changing from this Sunday to next Sunday with the reason that a lot of people are going out on Sunday? Huh...? It does not mean none is going out on next Sunday". Thus, i gave her a call to drag her out.

I introduced Sushi Zanmai to her and she likes it! Like she said in her blog, "Nice place, tasty food, affordable price!Compared to Sushi King, Sakae Sushi, this is definitely better and more worth the money".

Like she further stated in her blog, "Stupid Kit Mun had us going back to the same place twice in Robinsons, because she couldn't decide whether she wanted to buy the wallet or not. Scooted here there". The wallets were too nice! Pierre Cardin!

Sha also stated, "Sei Kit Mun in the end didn't buy anything, nor did I". I just could not decide and the things i want to buy are way too expensive. I still need to consult my mum's opinion.

Poh Sze left me alone in the evening and i decided to continue walking around. And i saw this bag from Esprit. I *HEART* IT SO MUCH! Again, it is the price problem. I really need to consult my mum. I don't want to just buy it and let me being chopped or turned into minced meat after that.


Rachel said...

You stole my salmon don picture. KILL YEEUUU!!

Autumn Babe said...

[rachel] eh eh eh.. i took this pic wann, ok?