Tuesday, July 22, 2008

*~ The Sentimental Me ~*

"Aside from acquiring a bf, lol, I found a friend when I least expected to.CHIN KIT MUN! You must open eyes WIDE WIDE when you see this."

This quote is from Poh Sze's blog again. I'm touched. *Sob sob* Like she said, it is unexpected. I still remember when both of us were in the same class for Form One. She was damn noisy with her vulgar words flying here and there in the air. For sometimes, we even like, "Shaddap laaa.... Poh Sze!" Then we were not that close anymore until Form 4 when we sort of like formed a gang with the others. Still, that did not tie our bond stronger. Not like today.

Today, or i should say recently, i have been very close to her. Going out with her. Chatting with her. Sharing our thoughts. I never expected to do all these with her before this. Never ever. And, i am glad for what has happened between both of us.

[By the way, she did not have to put my full name there. =_="]

I went to Mid Valley for lunch today. When i came up from the car park, i saw Robinsons which really reminded me of the Pierre Cardin wallet i saw on Sunday. Then, it led my thought to think about my dear Poh Sze .

I told my colleague on how Robinsons reminded me of the wallet. Of course, i also realised that the price is reasonable for a Pierre Cardin wallet. I even told my colleague that i am getting broke at the same time since i have a few birthday celebrations to attend and all of them are really my good friends! Also, i mentioned about the Esprit bag which i really *Heart*.

Then, i was being asked to choose between thePierre Cardin wallet anddinner at Tamarind Springs for my farewell. Instantly, my reply was,

"Are you sure?"
"Yes, it is going to be a dinner. Oh well. Dinner is better."
"You have until Thursday to think."
"Yes, I am sure dinner is the best. I rather invest by my own into the wallet. Do you know why?" "Why?"
"A gift. You just give it like this and that's it. Dinner. At least i can spend time with a friend before i leave the firm."

The Sentimental Me. :D


Leonard said...

Good Ol' Days..

Tht's the beauty about life.
There's always unexpected things happening.

Good Friends became Enemy..and Previous Enemy became good buddies who adds value into yr life..

Poh Sze said...

WALAO EH!!! I heart you too darling!
Haha. I know you walk whole of MV also think of me.
Thank you thank you.
I am so touched.

Autumn Babe said...

[leonard] oh well, there is lots more unexpected events that happen which really bring ppl down too.

[poh sze] i love you too, dear. muacks...