Saturday, July 5, 2008

~* A Quite Ouch-ing Chat *~

While i was chatting with Jun Jun vide MSN about our life currently, an not-so-ouch-ing conversation had occured:

"Jun Jun"
"Mun Mun"
"Haha~ How are you, dude?"
"Okay laa.... How about you?"
"Okay okay also lorr.... Always work, work and work."
"Until when?"
"Then for weekends, i keep on finding activities to occupy myself. I work until end of this month. After that, my second year will start."
"For weekends you go for dating mahhh. I know."
"I broke up with him already for 2 months."
"Err... But my friends said they saw you guys at Mid Valley. Sorry. I don't know."
"Then the girl was definitely not me. I am not so lucky anymore."

Yer... A bit of heartache lerr... :(

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peterfong said...

how dare u! u deleted my commend!