Tuesday, July 8, 2008

*~ To Work or Not To Work ~*

By reading the title, i bet you can guess what is my dilemma right now. I'm still considering when is my last day. There are tonnes (fine. it is a bit exaggerating.) of pros and cons that i have to think of. Let's see what happen if i decide to stop working earlier:

  • I can get the rest i want before college starts.
  • I am able to go for a short trip with friends.

  • Being paid lesser for salary than i am supposed to get. I'm still poor, okay? I am not paid for working overtime. (However, i still don't hesitate to work overtime because of the good sense of achievement.)
  • I'm going to miss the people i am working with. :( Again, i know you all must be thinking, "Stupid girl! You can go back to visit them anytime you want!" But, i just want to spend more time with them mahhh.... As if i am going to die laaa.... Can i?

Also, i don't have the motivation to work anymore. I'm exhausted!

Honestly, i don't feel like studying and i don't feel like working too! Can i just marry to a rich guy and willing to spend on me (No point for getting a stingy rich guy. Pointless.) ? Or just let me strike in lottery?Soooooo fuck up with my life.

*Bitchslap myself* "Stop whining about your life, bitch! Some people are even more fucked up!"


Motivate me to work, please!


sharon said...

i m here to motivate u 2 stop working earlier. hehe. u are so gonna regret not enjoying the holidays u have once classes starts la. Year 2 gonna be double the stress n assignments. better rest for a few days before the assignments overload.

Sin said...

Well,if you can find balance in between,there's no harm of working..But,if for me,I prefer not to work while study..Look,if we were to study till age 22 or 23,and if we were to live till 60,we still have 30over years of work ahead of us.So why in the hurry to work??Hope you solve your dilemma soon..

Autumn Babe said...

[sharon] True true true.. See how is my planning goin on first.

[sin] no la.. i am not working while studyin. im just havin my yearly break. i jz wan to see when i wanna stop working before my studies start. oh well.. just considering whether i should have a break before the studies begin.

Anonymous said...

totally AGREE with wad everyone said!! take a rest babey~!
u can work for life~ but u cant get such nice holiday for life =D unless, u dun wana work in d future n be "siew lai lai" at home la XD
stop working la ha~

With Lotsa Care,
-siew yuk-

Sin said...

Agree with siew yuk..