Monday, July 28, 2008

*~ Sam's Convocation ~*

It was Sam's convocation on Sunday! Being a good friend for a very long time, together with other friends, i attended the convocation though it had nothing much to do with us. Eh wait! We did not really go into the hall and look at her receiving her graduation certificate. Eh wait! She did not receive the certificate on that day. She just received that thingy only (which we called a "baton") which supposed to have the certificate inside! She has to wait another three months before she gets the REAL certificate.

From left: Lisa, Me, Sam, Ayumi, Teddy and the guy is Reuben.

From left: Me, Lisa, Sam, Jean, Daniel, Reuben again...

Group picture by Daniel.
From left: Jean, Ayumi, Teddy, Me, Lisa, Sam.
Two guys at the back from left: Sim and Reuben.

While Sam went to look around for her friends to take pictures, we were waiting for her at the canteen and "syok sendiri".
Oh well, the day was seriously very hot that i could cook an egg on top of my head.

Finally, when we had the chance to leave the college and go for lunch, we went to SSL to eat Pan Mee.
My herbal soup Pan Mee.
Supposed that people go there to have the Spicy Pan Mee but seriously i had no idea what to eat and thus i just followed what the people nearest to me were eating.
Such a big portion that i could not finish and i had to give half to other. =_="

Hohoho.... Shopping time at Sunway. Yesh! Sunway Pyramid.
All the way from Wangsa Maju to Sunway.
We are that GREAT!
I know...
While waiting for the rest to finish trying the clothes, i actually...




Leonard said...

Graduation Graduation...

Where's our turn ?!...

Anonymous said...

lol mii camwhored again~~~
hehe add some smile nxt time..
-siew yuk-

Autumn Babe said...

[leonard]i don't know yours but mine, if nothing goes wrong, should be year 2010's second half. hahahah

[siew yuk]hahah~ look cool mahh.. damn yeng ... hahaha