Sunday, July 6, 2008

*~ Re-camwhoring ~*

Wahhh~ Baby Milo Dinasour arrr....
I know you must be thinking, "Stupid Girl! You can even make this drink at home! Just top the drink with more Milo powder! That's it!"
I was too thirsty at that time and i felt like drinking something which was sweet and the only drink i could think of at that place was this.

Speedy is insulting the Chinese Male singers! Yerrr~ Leo Ku is there too. :(
By the way, i really want the two Leo Ku's albums laaa....
I haven't buy them yet!!!!

Okay. It had been a long time since i last camwhored.
Thus, here i am again!

Two of the camwhoring pictures are enough here though i took TONNES of them.

Okay. Pavilion had a launch for sale.

They looked like clowns to me, but at the same time, they also reminded me the Triangels.
Fine! I camwhored again!


peterfong said...

seem like u love to hang out at pavilion hur?

yaloh! near your house somemore :P

Autumn Babe said...

pavilion is giving me more space la as in im feeling not so packed there.

Anonymous said...

WOW ur milo is so POWDERFUL!!

"minum milo anda jadi sihat dan kuat"

No wonder~ ah mii so powerful~

-siew yukkkkkkk-

Anonymous said...

oh add abit more

OHHH no wonder, too much of milo become like "lui keong yan". tats y can work work work study study study and keep on working till the sun goes down. XD hahaha JKJKJKJK

*run for my life!!*