Sunday, July 6, 2008

~* Night Dim Sum Session *~

After meeting Zhi Wen for a drinking session at Starbucks, i went to Sri Petaling for night dim sum session. Matthew is going to Australia on Wednesday to further his studies. It is a necessity to see him before he goes. Who else were there? Hmm~ Me, Joyie, Gideon, Matthew, Samuel, and another 3 guys whom i don't know. Few of my other friends could not make it for the dinner. So sad~
Matthew! The guy with the afro hair!

Especially Sharon. How could she not be there? Matthew is leaving soon. I guess Matthew already had a candlelight dinner with her or he is going to do that soon. To be fair, is Matthew going to do the same to his mistresses? His Seak Ling and Wei-I? Let's see. This paragraph is totally untrue :D

Joyie and Samuel are leaving soon too on the 19th. So does Divyesh who is leaving on the 24th. Owhhh~ :( Thank God that i am still having Sharon, Seak Ling who are not following their husband to Australia and Gavin (What?!!! Gavin?!! Oh no~! [Kidding!]) in my course and taking the same major as me.

Stupid Matthew and Samuel. When ordering the dim sum, they went like, "Two for this. Two for that. Double. Double," while pointing here and there at the dim sum. We were experiencing food overload. Oh well, never mind. We still had fun there.

A personal note to myself: You have tried it. It's time to stop and don't go any deeper. :)


peterfong said...

is it the 24 hours din sum shop at the central of the shop lot one?

peterfong said...

hair like phua chu kang or frankie foo lah...ha ha...

Autumn Babe said...

hey gor,

yea yea~ the one in the centre wannn.... haha~ he is.he also has sense or humour too.

sharon said...

haha bangang. the other 3 guys are probably matt's cousins. wakaka.
wah so many of them leaving this gonna miss them.