Saturday, July 19, 2008

*~ Burpie ~*

It had been a long since my last time dining at Sunny Beach (Yeung Kwong). It used to be our hang out spot after school. Last two weeks, we decided to come here again to check out their food and beverages after few years.

I was the first one to be there and later joined by Pui Yen. We were (or should i say i was) so hungry that we ordered:

Sam Si Lang Min (Cold Noodle with 3-Types of Shreds)
The Shreds included carrot, cucumber and chicken.
Many of my friends didn't love this but i loved this because of its secret sauce.
You see, i use the word "loved".
Yeah~ I used to love this but not anymore since it was not that delicious like last time.

Whee~ Then, Pui Yee came all the way from Kajang (without buying satay) after her exam.
Look at her panda eyes.
Pity her.
She did not sleep at all the night before just to study for her exam.
Good girl.
By the way, she is my best friend since primary school and she stays near my house. :)

Phooi Jean and her boy boy were the last who came to join us.
Pity her boy boy.
He had to be the photographer.
*Who care?*
*Phooi Jean cares laaaa......*

And, we started to order FOOD AND BEVERAGES...!!!
Orange fish rice.
It was worse than last time because they really used fish fillet last time and not the damn fishcakes.

Oat toast with a layer of condensed milk before they topped the toast with oat.
Like those pieces of paints scrapped off from the wall and dropped on the damn toast.

Potato cheese balls.
Mashed potato with cheese filling and coated with bread crumbs before they deep fried those.
Not that nice anymore like last time.
The potato was getting thicker and the cheese filling was lesser. :(

Pui Yee was trying to hide her panda eyes from Phooi Jean's camera.
She did not want to take pictures with her panda eyes.

We headed to Pavilion after that without Phooi Jean and boy boy. Sob sob...
However, Phooi Jean was still kind enough to drop us at Pavilion despite the jam.
Trying out sandals at NOSE, Sungai Wang!
(Look at the pathetic Pui Yen sitting and having Pui Yee's bag on her laps)

And, i did buy a pair of sandals. =_="

Let me end this post with the camwhoring pictures of me.

Pretty me.

Haha... Fine... I am getting more "perasan".

~The "Perasan" Me~

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