Monday, July 14, 2008

*~ A [D]iu [N]ia [S]ing Affair ~*

Wahh~ McD's Lord of The Rings Onion Rings!
But still, A&W's one is nicer!

Yeshhh~ I went out on Sunday as well to meet with Poh Sze, Wei Mun and Lee Miin.
Wei Mun was my "neighbour" in class for two years in the row.
Poh Sze, the one who posted the DNS affair in her blog.
Lee Miin, the one who talks on the phone with the family members as if she is talking to the boyfriend. =_="

After we dumped Wei Mun at Hair Index for a haircut, the rest of us went to MNG since i wanted to get some clothes. I did! I did! I managed to get:

A top from MNG.
A skirt from MNG.
A pair of jeans from Giordano.
A pair of socks from Giordano.

~Really burned a hole in my wallet~

For the rest of the entry, u can read it from Poh Sze's blog by clicking on "DNS affair".

Let me quote something from Poh Sze's blog which really leaves me feeling flattered:

"As she was walking towards us, I sensed there was this ladylike air around her. A womanly aura perhaps. LOL. Okay. Let's be serious now. But really, after so long not meeting her, she's prettier than before! Not that she wasnt pretty all these while, but prettier is better than pretty right? At least she had flawless complexion :( Sob sob. Lol. Okay, and she had on eyeliner too. Leng ah! Haha. And her hair was tied up into a neat bun of some sort? All in all, jeng la girl! Haha. Dont worry about guys la. Sure they'll be lining up until 9 streets =D"

"Went to...let's see. Giordano and saw these two jeans. She tried it on and went three sizes down!"

(Kenapa? Tak percaya kah? Haha~)

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It's Time to Live... said...

you have McDonalds and A&W? Do you like that kind of food? :)