Friday, October 23, 2009

*~ Jenny's 21st Birthday Celebration ~*

Alright. As promised that i would post on Jenny's Birthday. She celebrated on Deepavali day which was few days earlier.

Birthday girl with the X-man wannabe in pink shorts.

As usual, with Chin Looi and Amanda around, we would have 'mugshot'.
So chubby... I feel like pinching my own cheeks.

Birthday girl was very busy with the guests. So, we entertained ourselves with camwhoring.

Mei Han, my former schoolmate.

Busy peeling prawns for people.

I think i need to have a collection of pictures of me peeling prawns!

Me, Elaine, Wai Han, Pei Yei and Cheng Yee with the birthday girl.

Some people just think that they are twins because they really look alike. Instead, Jennifer is younger than Jenny.

Amanda, Nicole, Chin Looi, Birthday Girl, me and boyfriend.

Look at the side of the cake. It was like the piano keys.

Birthday girl and i with Elaine.

One of the pictures i love ~

Sunday, October 18, 2009

~* Woohoo, I Got My Jeans! *~

Urgh... after stressing so much, i finally got to rest at least for a day.

It was Deepavali. After having a delicious thosai and curry meal, boyfriend and i went for shopping! Hermes was giving out free orange flavoured gelato. Yum yum~ There were a few ladies teaching the ways to tie the scarf in different styles and a photographer who was always ready to snap pictures of you.

I wanted to play for fun. Until the photographer finished snapping some pictures of me, i was told that i would be called once the pictures are ready. Wow, i did not know i would get some free pictures. And now, i am waiting for the pictures anxiously.

This is snapped using my camera phone.

My Nikon digital camera is no longer with me. Sob sob...

One of our planned spot was Lois at Times Square. Yea, baby! To use up our free vouchers! Boyfriend was lucky. He managed to get a pair of jeans that he really likes. Meanwhile, i was left with very few choices and i forced myself to get the best i could find. Actually, i was looking up and down for dark colour jeans but i could not!

At the end of the day, boyfriend got a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Meanwhile, i also got a pair of jeans besides a skirt. Anyway, the colour of both of my jeans and skirt reflects the very vintage look. Each of us just had to add RM20 for what we bought!

I managed to walk back to the Levi's in Pavilion. There was a great sales going on but not the one in Times Square. I spotted the dark colour jeans which i desired so much before this. It fits sooooo nicely. The best part: 40% discount for the jeans i eyed on. Before: RM 259.00. After: RM155.00. So worth it!

From left: Lois skirt, Lois jeans, my favourite Levi's jeans.

Time passed really fast. I thought that we would be heading to Jenny's house earlier if we had nothing better to do after buying what we wanted. Instead, we were actually running out of time! Phew~

And yes, the upcoming post will be on Jenny's birthday!

Alright. The urge to shop is gone. Back to assignments and studies.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

*~ Typical College Life ~*

Oh my God... I am like a living zombie. I am so exhausted. Dealing with assignments alone is enough! So many datelines are around the corner. I start everything in advance to avoid last minute work but it seems like the clock ticks so fast and 24 hours per day is never enough.

The timetable for final exam is out. The good news is i will be finishing my four papers within the first exam week even though the allocated period is three weeks. Additional two weeks holiday for me! The bad news is i am going to study like a mad cow since four papers to be completed in four days. The worst thing is two of them are on the very same day with one in the morning and another one in the afternoon! Pathetic.

After i have done with my assignments, final exam takes place very soon leaving me not enough time to study. Shucks. I am still thinking of a survival plan. It seems like a strict time management is the only choice. I hope that i will have enough time to sleep as well. Don't you know women need more sleep? Otherwise they will get easily irritated like me. I read this from the October issue of Seventeen magazine.

Anyway, mum cooked bak kut teh today. So delicious with chopped garlic in soy sauce.... So much better than eating outside. It was less oily and yet full with taste. The best part was i purposely texted boyfriend about the bak kut teh to make him jealous. Oh well, he did not want to come so he missed it just like that.

Another best part of the day: I found 5 bucks from a library book - International Economics. Seak Ling took the book from the shelf and i was the one who flipped through the it first. Thus, we shared the 5 bucks.

I did not have Subway today. Perhaps, i will eat it on next Thursday.

Oh my God! Oh my God! Ipod Touch has better deal now! The price goes down. No more 16 GB. The one with 32 GB is only RM1,119 meanwhile the one with 64 GB is RM1,599! Camera or Ipod Touch? Perhaps, both?!

Headache strikes and i hope my phone to ring but it's not happening. Sigh.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

~* D'Ultimate Birthday Bash (Part II) *~

It was Digi D'Ultimate Birthday Bash at Bar Celona!

I know. Boyfriend's eyes almost popped out.

We collected the tickets before we went for dinner.

Dinner at Formosa, Sunway Pyramid. I don't think i would go there again unless i really have no choice. Except for the crispy fried chicken which i think better than Shihlin, the rest were between average to awful especially the oyster mee sua. Shihlin definitely has better oyster mee sua.

The two goodie bags i won in the D'Ultimate Birthday Wish contest . Nescafe, Justea, KitKat, Adidas deodorants, Rain's cds, the charcoal facial wash for men, Gloria Jean's buy-one-and-get-one-free vouchers, Mooks and Ripcurl cash vouchers. Everything was the same except mine had Rimmel gift pack and boyfriend's goodie bag has Playboy perfume.

At the red carpet. XD

It began with a band performance.

We had Liang and Honey Madu in the house.

Boyfriend and i got two RM200 cash vouchers from Lois by just doing nothing. Those Digi Ambassadors were supposed to walk around and play games with people but they did not have enough time to finish all the gifts in their yellow bag. Hence, they just distributed them around.

Boyfriend met his friend, Victor there.

With the Digi Yellowmen. Poor guys. They were sweating like pigs in costume.

The crowd.

Friendz, the Ultimate Power Group winner.

My protective boyfriend.
After many attempts of getting away from his arms even when we were standing very close to each other, i surrendered. He just did not want anything bad to happen to me. He understand me the best when it comes to clubbing. At one moment, i am here; the next moment, i will be at somewhere else. :P

Joey G.
He was sooo cool. He posed for me when he knew that i wanted to take his picture.

Bumped into Joey G outside Bar Celona when we were about to leave.

Anyway, boyfriend and i participated in an activity knowing that as long as we went up to the stage, we would get prizes. We lost to the October babies when a "babe" had a very unexpected dance movements. Each bag had a Rimmel gift pack and a bottle of Playboy frangrance. I gave boyfriend the fragrance and he gave me the Rimmel gift pack.

More Rimmel gift packs and Playboy fragrances.

It was a good choice that i gave my bro the first bottle of Playboy fragrance i won way earlier. Otherwise, boyfriend would have 4 bottles now!

Meanwhile, i have 3 Rimmel gift packs with me right now. This means i have:
3 Vinyl Stars Mirror Shine Lip Glosses with the same colour;
3 Gloss Maxx Lipsticks with the same colour + another one which is also with the same colour i got as my birthday present = 4; and
3 Cool Matte Mousse Foundations.


I wish if they were in different colours except for the foundations.

Anyway, i really love this birthday bash. It made some of my wishes came true:
Clubbing (It had been a long time i did not club before the birthday bash.)
A new pair of jeans even though it is not going to be Levi's.
More cosmetic products!

Thank you, Digi!

Friday, October 2, 2009

*~ D'Ultimate Birthday Bash (Part I) ~*

I participated in D'Ultimate Birthday Wish contest by Digi recently just for fun. Surprisingly, i won a mystery gift being the nth entry. Since it was a mystery gift, i did not expect much as most of the mystery gifts would end up to be lousy ones. This was different. I got a bottle of Playboy perfume which i later found out that i was being happy for nothing. The Playboy perfume is for guys! I had no choice but to give it to my bro.

Few days later, i receive a text message informing me that i won a prize in the contest and asking me to check my email inbox. I ignored the message because i thought it was referring to the mystery prize that i had collected.

When i checked my emails, i really found out that i won the consolation prize! 2 invites to D'Ultimate Birthday Bash happening on 3rd October, which is tomorrow, at Bar Celona and 2 goodie bags worth RM200. Double luck.

To you, consolation prize may be a peanut. But to me, it is absolutely fine. I do not need to win big since i know that i don't have such kind of luck. I'm glad with what i have won. Moreover, let's think about this: There were only 2 grand prizes and 10 consolation prizes to be given out of so many entries received. I am just being one of the lucky winners.

The birthday bash will be a free entertainment for me and boyfriend. Yes, i will be bringing along boyfriend. I will be at Bar Celona tomorrow. How about you?

Hopefully, it's going to be a good night.