Friday, October 2, 2009

*~ D'Ultimate Birthday Bash (Part I) ~*

I participated in D'Ultimate Birthday Wish contest by Digi recently just for fun. Surprisingly, i won a mystery gift being the nth entry. Since it was a mystery gift, i did not expect much as most of the mystery gifts would end up to be lousy ones. This was different. I got a bottle of Playboy perfume which i later found out that i was being happy for nothing. The Playboy perfume is for guys! I had no choice but to give it to my bro.

Few days later, i receive a text message informing me that i won a prize in the contest and asking me to check my email inbox. I ignored the message because i thought it was referring to the mystery prize that i had collected.

When i checked my emails, i really found out that i won the consolation prize! 2 invites to D'Ultimate Birthday Bash happening on 3rd October, which is tomorrow, at Bar Celona and 2 goodie bags worth RM200. Double luck.

To you, consolation prize may be a peanut. But to me, it is absolutely fine. I do not need to win big since i know that i don't have such kind of luck. I'm glad with what i have won. Moreover, let's think about this: There were only 2 grand prizes and 10 consolation prizes to be given out of so many entries received. I am just being one of the lucky winners.

The birthday bash will be a free entertainment for me and boyfriend. Yes, i will be bringing along boyfriend. I will be at Bar Celona tomorrow. How about you?

Hopefully, it's going to be a good night.


simonso said...

Won anything yet?

cpy/pst said...

lucky you....Im stuck here finishing my loads of assignments..:(

enjoy the partae~~