Wednesday, September 30, 2009

~* Birthday Celebration x 3 *~

When everybody else was celebrating Arthur's Day, i was celebrating my friends' birthday at Souled Out, Mont Kiara.

Chin Looi's birthday: 29th September
Kean Hong and Lim's birthday: 26th September
Cool, huh? Triple birthday celebrations.

With Jenny.

The pretty ladies on that evening.

Let's focus on food first before we continue with human pictures.

Onion Rings with Fries.

Sirloin Steak.

Mushroom Pizza.

Chicken Cordon Blurrrr....

Lamb Cutlets.
It looked very delicious when it was served.

Tom Yam Noodles.
According to Amanda, this was nice.

Some salmon dish.

Fried rice.
It may look common to you, but this was really delicious too.

Classic Fish & Chips.

The lip-smacking Classic Cabonara.
Frames is much better in presentation wise.

I can't take beef but i really wanted to eat cabonara so badly.
So, i changed the meat to chicken (ham).

Everyone was busy attacking the food.

I believed this picture was taken after dinner.
Love this picture to the max.

The camwhoring started.

Almost every table was having birthday celebration. We could keep on hearing people singing the birthday song. From one table to another table. No exception for us. We even sang for three times since we were having three people celebrating their birthday.

Regardless of boy or girl, if you are celebrating your birthday, you have to wear that hat!

The "lucky" one.

Chilling out session.

2 + pilot.

2 + mistress

"Only girls are allowed"

Finally, it's the group picture!

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