Tuesday, September 29, 2009

*~ It Was Our 1st Anniversary ~*

23rd September was the date we celebrated our first anniversary. Time really flies. I feel as if we just started to date each other few months back.

Anyway, boyfriend had started to plan for this few months ago but he did not want to tell me where we would go. He was too good in keeping it. I tricked him for so many times so that he would spill out the words but not even once he fell for it!

We went out for dinner quite early because he did not want us to miss out the sunset.

In the car not knowing where was i.

I ended up at Tamarind Springs.
An ex-colleague once told me that he wanted to bring me here but in the end, it did not work out. Instead, boyfriend was the one who did and i never mentioned about this place to him before. Another wish came true.

At the entrance of Tamarind Springs.

We had to walk all the way down before reaching the restaurant.

Boyfriend & the statue.

Few steps before entering the restaurant.

Rather than Indochinese cuisine, we went for Italian cuisine (Il Tempio Restaurant). There are few restaurants within the same area that offer different cuisines.

Surrounded by trees. Peaceful, quiet, romantic.

Before we went for something heavier.

Some starter that involved salmon.

Some duck confit salad.
The names were not easy to be remembered.
It was supposed to have celery but the chef helped me to change it to other greens since i hate celery. Delicious!

Some ravioli stuffed with ricotta and spinach.

Small portions but somehow everything was enough for the two of us since we were also served with breads. Love the taste of the food to the max!

The rings he got for us.

(Forget about my fat and hairy hand)


Oh well... =_="

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