Tuesday, September 1, 2009

*~ The Night Before Merdeka ~*

I still remember that night i was staying at home doing assignment without any further plan. Boyfriend? Attended Juliana's birthday celebration at her house which is very near to his area. Later on, i got a call from Amanda asking me to join the fun. Yea, she dragged Lim and boyfriend together and came all the way to my house from Wangsa Maju just to pick me up to the party. So nice of her.

The first thing i did the moment i entered her house.

Asam laksa as appetiser.

Here came the main course. No, not my boyfriend, but the chicken wings.

The wonder of honey on everything we grilled.

So cool that we could enjoy ourselves on the roof. Anyway, the roof is still alright.

Top: Juliana and Amanda
Bottom: Chin Looi, me, Cynthia, Nicole and May Jean

Khoo, boyfriend and Lim.

Malibu, but i don't really love the coconut taste.

Yea, we could even lie down on the roof.

Boyfriend and i were enjoying the view at the back. Meanwhile, the rest were busy eating, chatting and camwhoring.

Enjoying the sky at night with boyfriend.

Group picture.

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