Saturday, September 19, 2009

*~ This Is What I Call A Good Customer Service ~*

Before this, i kept on changing my mind on where to celebrate my 21st birthday. Boyfriend noticed about it. Friends also noticed about it. Finally, i decided to have it at Frames, TTDI after viewing Michelle Tan's blog. I did further online research and i really fell in love with the place and then the food.

Okay, the decision on the venue was final! One of the things i wanted to try so badly was the gratin. However, when i went to check out the place last Saturday, i could not find that item in the menu! I went to its website and i left a message there asking if i had missed it out or the item had been permanently removed from the menu.

Before the dinner.

Few days later, i got an unexpected call from this dude. Xanthus is his name. He is also the owner of Frames besides Mark. Yea, i came across his name when i read some reviews but when he called me, i just never expected that. That was why i kept on repeating, "Pardon?" on the phone. He told me that the menu has changed. However, if i really wanted to try, he would prepare the gratin for me.

After the call, i wondered for awhile how he got to know my number when i used the name "Autumn" in the chatbox and "Michelle" when i did the booking. Oh ya! I remembered. I mentioned that i reserved a table for 20 in the chatbox. How many people would actually book a table of 20 on the same day?

The next thing i knew, he texted me. Knowing that i am a chocolate lover, the house would like to buy me a slice of the dark chocolate cake. Again, i wondered. How he knew about that? Oh okay! In the chatbox, my nickname is actually linked to my blog. But actually, my profile states that i like chocolate milk lover. Anyway, when it comes to cakes, yes, i still love chocolate besides cheese cakes.

During the dinner.

Rather than dark chocolate cake, i got a slice of Tiramisu. It was on the house, of course. Then, someone just came and wished me, "Happy Birthday." :) To double confirm who was the one that called me, who was the one that wished me, and who is Xanthus, i asked the waiter there. Yeah, so Xanthus was the one who called me and he was also the one who wished me. By the way, i saw some of his buddies watching the Oprah's flash mob if i had not mistaken. Nice lerr???

After dinner.

He texted me again saying, "Thank you," and wishing me, "Happy Birthday".

This totally reminds me on what i have studied throughout my course. You know, those pre-sales, during sales and post sales stuffs? I just feel great! You know, there are just some people who look at you one kind before deciding on what service to give you? Better service will be given if you look loaded with cash or vice versa. But it was so different at Frames. It's not that i am rich and treating everyone, but the service was just too good for me to appreciate regardless of how much the spending was.

It was truly a memorable birthday celebration for me there together with boyfriend and a bunch of friends.

There will be pictures in Facebook soon. However, i will still continue posting the pictures here once i get all the pictures especially from the one with the DSLR camera *ahem* Gorgan *ahem* by end of next week with all the food and human pictures. Stay with me. :)

I would like to thank everyone for making my 21st birthday celebration a memorable one. Mum, bro, bro's girlfriend, boyfriend and a big bunch of friends. Most of my wishes have come true :)

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