Thursday, September 30, 2010

~* Dinner @ Cafe Barbera, Bangsar *~

A day before raya, Gavin, Wei-I, Sharon, Michelle, Suet Mei, Mun Yee, Grace and i were at Cafe Barbera in Bangsar for dinner. Most of us are working right now, making it harder for us to hang out together. Hence, i appreciate the dinner very much. I am also glad that everyone is doing pretty well.

I reached Cafe Barbera quite early and i was the first one there. While i was at the long table waiting for the rest to come, the waiter was kind enough to serve sky juice. And i really enjoyed the music they played. It really felt like home (well, since the place itself was once a house) with the long table, sofas, decorative items and music. Ahh... peace!

Smoked Salmon Salad
It looks so tempting to me. I feel like having it right now. Slurps!

Fettuccine Smoked Salmon.
Nice! I told the waiter to make sure it would be real creamy. It was! And i also love the sundried tomato in my pasta. Anyway, i expected the salmon would be raw, something like Delicious Smoked Salmon Angel Hair pasta.

Prawn Aglio Olio
The prawns just looked big and juicy. As for the taste, i don't know because i did not have this.

Beef Lasagna.
Beef.... I just can't take beef!

Stir Fried Beef with Spaghetti.
Spaghetti? Ah... never mind. The smell was very good but i can't take beef. :( Perhaps, i will try asking them change to chicken when i am there next time. But i always end up ordering creamy pasta which is my favourite.

Salmon Fillet with Cilantro.
Haha... Gavin had this. He complained that the portion was small. Oh well, only for guys like him... Ladies will most probably be fine with this portion and even the dish itself, especially those prefer healthy diet.

Spicy Tuna Pizza
Thin crust pizza with generous toppings. Look at the cheese...

Hawaiian Seafood Pizza.
This was good... real good... Again, generous toppings with lots of cheese...

I think it is really worth ordering pizza at Cafe Barbera. The rest are priced quite reasonably based on what we had. I don't know about food that we did not order.

Oh ya. They have few shakes in the menu. I had Chocolate Shake; meanwhile, bf, who joined us later, ordered Cappuccino Shakerato. Both of us were disappointed with the shakes. Tasteless is the best word to describe the shakes. I thought the shakes would have intense flavour, giving us the 'umph' we wanted. No more shakes at Cafe Barbera.

Monday, September 20, 2010

*~ My Favourite Place For Udon ~*

I really love going to Sanuki Udon. Clueless of what to eat for dinner, i decided to go there again with bf. It was my second time there. Read about our first visit here.

Bf ordered the hot Dry Cha Cheong udon.

And i had House Special. I love this udon so much especially when i had it with their chili flakes. The chili flakes were not spicy but very aromatic. To me, it looked like chili flakes but i could be wrong. I don't know. It was just not as spicy as other chili flakes. During my third visit with my former collegemates, i ordered the same type of udon. It was very simple with an egg, a little bit of the Japanese soy sauce and perhaps, some other ingredients which i could not tell when eating it.

My favourite Kakiage (Deep fried onion with carrot shred)!

Initially we wanted to try a side dish called Chinmi Moriawase but they are no longer serving it. Bf and i even had Yakitori instead. From left to right: Chicken skin, thigh and gizzard.

I don't mind keep going there over and over again for the udon and of course, the KAKIAGE!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

~* Reflection *~

We used to be in the same course but different majors.
We knew each other's existence but we did not really talk.
The most was just hi and bye.
I read her blog but i don't think she knew.
After some time, i stopped reading.
This evening, i visited her blog again.
Something has gone wrong.
If i am not mistaken, her relationship had ended awfully few months ago.
She is still dealing with the pain.
And she is now looking at her ex with someone else.

I really feel the pain she endures.
I had the same thing before.
(But not the last statement in the paragraph above.)
And i hope the same does not happen to me again.
I don't want to go through this kind of pain again.
Just no more.

And i'm glad to have him.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

*~ 7 Sins of Chocolate ~*

... from Delectable by Su.
I heard too much about this little treat. I wished it could be my birthday cake though it was small, equivalent to a slice of cake. And lovely bf made my wish came true.

I like the packaging. Cute.

With 7 different components of chocolates.

But i don't really know what are the 7 components. I can't really find info on this little treat except for the following:

"...starts with a layer of smooth chocolate ganache, a layer of chocolate cake, topped up with light and airy milk chocolate mousse, a dusting of cocoa powder, a sprinkle of crunchy pure cocoa nibs for texture, and couverture pearls resting comfortably over the top!"

I think the chocolate ganache is now the middle layer rather than the chocolate cake.

Further description by Delectable :

"And for all those ladies who are watching their diets, yes it is made entirely of chocolate, but mostly dark chocolate. So if calories are your enemy, then fear not for dark chocolate has significantly less calories than other chocolates AND is a must for a happy healthy heart!"

Looking at it, i could only observe 6 components and i don't know where was the other component. Perhaps, it had been mixed with another component. It was below my expectation. It was not as sinful as the name suggests. It did not give me the excitement. It was not sweet. So, for those who prefer eating something which is not sweet, this can be a suggestion but not a recommendation. Honestly, it was totally bland, especially the mousse.

Of course, i felt it was so sweet in my heart because it was from my dear. :)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

~* All The Way From Taiwan *~

I told Ms Chan about this bubble tea all the way from Taiwan at Pavilion after reading Taufulou's blog. So, when we were there on the first day of Raya, we decided to give it a try.

The kiosk is located outside Roxy.

The view from our table.

Honey Lemon Aloe and Yakult Green Tea.
I love my Honey Lemon Aloe because it could quench my thirst at that time and it had lots of aloe vera bits. But Ms Chan preferred drinking her Yakult Green Tea. To me, it tasted like antibiotic liquid. However, i must admit that the bubbles (pearls) were really nice! No half-cooked pearls. Not too big. Not too chewy.

Ms Chan who is camera shy.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

*~ Smile! ~*

Happy Birthday to me!
(According to the lunar calendar)

And i don't need to work today!
It is the holiday replacement given by the firm!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

~* To The Left... To The Left... *~

Damn! I did not sleep well for the last two nights. The worst is the sharp pain between my neck and right shoulder which i got it when i woke up this morning. I feel tired physically when i can't really move my head especially to the right, making my muscles around my neck stiff. When i look to the right, i have to turn my upper body to the right. Instead of 180 degrees, i can only turn 90 degrees; to my left. When i'm not turning to the left or right, my head tends to tilt a little bit to the left to avoid the pain. I feel tired mentally too as i try my best to cope with the pain.

My friend said i look cute in that position. She insisted to give me a whack so that my head would go back to its position and subsequently recover. She just watched too much tee vee especially involving Chinese kung fu. Some of my colleagues asked me to look to my right out of sudden so that my head would make a "crack" sound that, according to them, could also solve my problem. Even mum suggested the same thing!

Apart from what i have just mentioned, i have other problems as well. I am a little bit upset recently with all the negative thoughts in mind. I am very afraid that nobody, particularly those who are close, will bother about me. You might say, "Get rid of all these thoughts!" I know but sometimes, saying is forever easier than doing. And i know that i might have been thinking too much. Perhaps, the situation is not as bad as it seems or it never even happens!

This week really starts off badly. How i wish it can end greatly.

Monday, September 6, 2010

*~ You Don't Get This Always ~*

As usual, i had to take the feeder bus to reach my workplace. Before last week, when i reached the bus stand at 7.30, there were already few buses waiting to fetch the passengers. But not for these two weeks. One bus came after another had left, making each bus was very packed with passengers.

No exception for this morning. At first, i had to stand in the bus. Then there was this guy who let me to have his seat. I felt very surprised. I appreciate what he did but my head was totally fulled with question marks. I did not look like a pregnant lady and i did not carry anything heavy but why he offered his seat to me?

He did not look like someone who is educated, He did not wear office attire. He was just a guy clad in old t-shirt and jeans who probably just earns enough to make a living. Don't get me wrong. I am not looking down at him. It is just that anyone who probably lives better than him won't offer his seat to a lady who looks completely fine with standing in the bus.

Guys like this are facing extinction.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

~* Excitement Strikes! *~

I have nothing much to post. I don't really hunt for food like i used to since i have started working. No, i am not busy with my work. Instead, i have time to entertain myself using the iPod. I still love eating but not as eager as last time. On the other hand, bf is the one has been suggesting where to eat. :)

Colleagues take good care of me. They are very helpful but there are still a lot of things for me to learn. I am very worried about one thing - my English. I seriously think that my English sucks and i don't know how am i going to survive in a sub-service line that does documentation. Colleagues have been telling me not to worry as this, and the writing skill, can be improved when a piece of work is being reviewed by seniors (anyone whose position is higher than mine). *Crossing fingers*

I have been there for a month but i can say that sometimes the administrative issues give more headache compared to the work itself. Believe me, i even have a small book to note down the functions and procedures. It is going to be my guide to survival in the firm.

Besides those from the same sub-service line, i have colleagues from another sub-service line but they are all from different groups under the sub-service line. I met them on my first day of work during the orientation. Yes, we joined the firm on the same day. And Sharon has just joined the firm this month! Whee~ Another kaki.

I love this coming week because i just have to work for three days while most of the people have to work for four days. The second day of Hari Raya which is a public holiday falls on a Saturday. Since we usually don't work on a Saturday, the firm replaces the public holiday to Thursday. I have additional one day off without having to take leave. I love this coming week for some other reasons too. :)

September is going to be an eventful month. At least one day on each weekend is occupied with something different. I hope everything will go smoothly.