Sunday, September 5, 2010

~* Excitement Strikes! *~

I have nothing much to post. I don't really hunt for food like i used to since i have started working. No, i am not busy with my work. Instead, i have time to entertain myself using the iPod. I still love eating but not as eager as last time. On the other hand, bf is the one has been suggesting where to eat. :)

Colleagues take good care of me. They are very helpful but there are still a lot of things for me to learn. I am very worried about one thing - my English. I seriously think that my English sucks and i don't know how am i going to survive in a sub-service line that does documentation. Colleagues have been telling me not to worry as this, and the writing skill, can be improved when a piece of work is being reviewed by seniors (anyone whose position is higher than mine). *Crossing fingers*

I have been there for a month but i can say that sometimes the administrative issues give more headache compared to the work itself. Believe me, i even have a small book to note down the functions and procedures. It is going to be my guide to survival in the firm.

Besides those from the same sub-service line, i have colleagues from another sub-service line but they are all from different groups under the sub-service line. I met them on my first day of work during the orientation. Yes, we joined the firm on the same day. And Sharon has just joined the firm this month! Whee~ Another kaki.

I love this coming week because i just have to work for three days while most of the people have to work for four days. The second day of Hari Raya which is a public holiday falls on a Saturday. Since we usually don't work on a Saturday, the firm replaces the public holiday to Thursday. I have additional one day off without having to take leave. I love this coming week for some other reasons too. :)

September is going to be an eventful month. At least one day on each weekend is occupied with something different. I hope everything will go smoothly.

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