Sunday, August 29, 2010

*~ Good Deal @ Tian Tian Lai ~*

Bf mentioned about this Restoran Tian Tian Seafood (but in Chinese character, it is "Restoran Tian Tian LAI Seafood") in Sunway that served dishes at affordable prices. He also always talked about the butter mantis prawn. We decided to have dinner there few weeks ago and i pulled mum along.

Most of the time, mum and i just like ordering this Belacan Fried Sweet Potato Leaves (RM8.00) whenever we went out for dinner at this kind of places.

Butter Mantis Prawn (RM10.00) that bf recommended. Yes, RM10.00 for this big portion. I always prefer the creamy one but this was not bad at all. Bf told me that it could be better. To me, it failed to give me the "umph" i wanted. Again, RM10.00 for this mantis prawn was considered very cheap.

As recommended by bf also, we had Marmite Chicken Wings (RM10.00). 3 drummets and 3 wings. Surprisingly, this captured my attention rather than the butter mantis prawn. Really delicious... Crispy-skin chicken wings coated with sweet Marmite sauce. Yum yum...

Mum was so surprised when the bill came up to RM32, i think, which was a very good deal. Her eyes almost popped out. She kept on saying that we would be back again for other dishes and i totally agreed with her. :)

Restoran Tian Tian Lai Seafood
Medan Selera Sunway Foodcourt,
Jalan PJS 9/5,
Bandar Sunway,
46150 Selangor.
(Address is taken from from Malaysia Most Wanted Food)

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