Sunday, August 8, 2010

~* Dinner with Kim *~

Kimberly, a friend of mine whom i met when i was doing my foundation course, had gone back to Kuching end of last month after the completion of her degree course in KL. So, Amanda, Gorgan, Pui Ling and i actually had a simple farewell dinner with her. We went to Cannes Tea House as per Amanda's suggestion.

Before entering Cannes Tea House, we had to take our shoes off. Then, we were given the option to sit on the wooden floor to dine. But i think the table was a little bit too high when we really went for that option.

Amanda had Cheese Baked Spaghetti. I know that it looks very simple but look can be deceiving. This spaghetti had a very strong cheesy taste but being balanced up by the tomato pesto. I'm wondering what kind of cheese was used to prepare this spaghetti. I kinda like this.

Some Portugal Baked (or Baked Portugal) Chicken Rice. Kimberly had this. Okay, both the taste and the presentation had failed to impress me. The taste was so bland! It did not give the "umph!" i wanted. I would prefer it to be spicier and more aromatic. I don't even need to elaborate on the presentation as you can just look at the picture below.

I had Creamy Butter Squid Rice.

Pui Ling had Creamy Butter Shrimp Rice.

Gorgan had Creamy Butter Fish Rice.

Yea, three of us were very into the creamy butter dish the moment we saw it in the menu. I would prefer my rice to be drenched in the creamy butter gravy. I did not have enough gravy :( The fish and shrimps were not really nice because they tasted one kind, like they had been kept for quite sometime. Somehow, the creamy butter shrimp rice was the best compared to the other two.

Fried Yam Abacus.
Something new! Crispy on the outside. Soft on the inside. That's all. There's nothing else about this dish but at least it was new to me. Worth trying.

The usual way to prepare Hakka Yam Abacus.
It was very soft but i could hardly taste the yam. Pui Ling said too much flour was used in preparing the yam abacus. But i had no further complaint since it was generously served with other ingredients.

Most of the items in the menu are below RM10.00 and the most expensive set meal is just at RM12.90 inclusive of a glass of green tea/black tea and a scoop of ice-cream. I will go back again especially if i am craving for the Hakka Yam Abacus.

Cannes Tea House
No.16-1, Jalan 2/50C
Off Jalan Genting Klang
Kuala Lumpur

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