Saturday, July 31, 2010

*~ Wantan Mee @ Sungai Besi ~*

Few weeks ago, bf and i had wantan mee for our dinner at Sungai Besi. Ahh... another place which is well known for the wantan mee and it is open until midnight.

I just like this type of chili :)

We had a bowl of dumplings. We ordered 4 pieces and each piece cost RM0.90. Nothing to brag about it. Nothing special.

Wantan Mee with Duck Meat.

Wantan Mee with Wild Boar Curry.
It is unusual to have wantan mee served with wild boar curry. Worth trying this.

Both the duck and wild boar meats were very tender. Especially the duck meat, it was really succulent. And i love how the noodles being springy and not sticking together. Each plate cost RM4.50 for small portion. This will be the place to go if i'm craving for wantan mee.

Wan Tan Mee Sg. Besi
190H, Jalan 2 1/2 Miles
Sungai Besi
Kuala Lumpur


Azli Razali said...

hai lets follow

Azli Razali said...

hai lets follow

taufulou said...

eh, quite near my place...

Autumn said...

[taufulou] yes! u shud have a try ler...